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The correct way to fasten your seat belt

The precise method of suspending the working belt at high altitude and the working belt at high altitude is height.

On construction sites with seat belts, this may seem like a small problem, but this small problem involves a deep philosophy of great interest in the lives of employees. The exact suspension method requirements are as follows:

First, you need to hang high and use it low-key. High suspension, seatbelt suspension is higher than standing people. Low utilization, that is, the workers' on-site work is lower than the seat belt. Using this suspension method, once the event drops, the combined strength of the safety belt, safety rope and hardware will pull the person, thereby reducing the actual impact interval or preventing a fall. The opposite is the lower suspension height. That is, the Anchor Strap is suspended from the bottom, and a person stands on the seat belt. In this case, if a fall occurs, the interval between the impacts of the practice will be longer, a larger impact load will be applied to the person and the rope, and the degree of collision and fall will increase.

Second, they need to be suspended from fall arrest lanyard or objects to avoid shaking and collisions. The rope cannot be fastened, and the hook must be hung on the connecting ring.

Third, if there is no fixed suspension, you need to equip with strong wire rope or adopt other strong methods. Safety belts are not allowed to be attached to movable, sharp or silent objects.