9th grade Speech

There are at least seven speeches required for this class. They include: personal experience, research, impromptu, oral interpretation, poetry, persuasive, and demonstrative. If time allows we will add: introductory, acceptance, and impromptu for extra credit.

There is a detailed basic grading rubric for each speech. The grade values and time requirements for each speech will be different, but the basic grading will be the same for each speech.

Five speeches will require a detailed outline. Three speeches will require a bibliography. Some textbook assignments will be required.

Students will receive a copy of the basic grading rubric, the outline requirements, and the bibliography requirements at the beginning of the trimester. The outline and the bibliography are worth 50 points each. The speeches range from 170-300 points each.

Each student needs to have a 70-100 page spiral or composition notebook for their "Quote Journal." The board work for this class will be to copy and analyze a daily quote. These will be turned in and graded periodically.

There is a end of course assessment worth 10% of the final grade. This will be given as a pretest and a final, with the final counting towards the final grade for this class.