Academic Honesty Policy



Pine View School offers a quality education that not only ensures knowledge, but also strives to cultivate the virtues of honor, courtesy, and perseverance. Of these virtues, honor is of great importance, for it is personal integrity that will influence and finally determine many of our actions and beliefs. To help the development of such values, the Pine View High School Honor Code Council has been established.

A Pine View High School student is expected to maintain the highest standards of academic integrity, overall scholarship, school leadership and community responsibility.

So that the expectations of the Pine View High School faculty are clear, we have compiled a list of behaviors we unanimously agree are forms of cheating.

  1. Looking on someone else’s paper during a test or quiz.
  2. Plagiarizing another’s words or ideas (including data downloaded from the internet) in a report, research paper, or extended essay.
  3. Revealing to someone who has not taken a test or quiz what the questions or problems are.
  4. Copying or conferring with other students or with adults on any independently designated assignment, without teacher authorization.
  5. Writing notes in a convenient place and referring to them during a test or quiz.
  6. Sliding your paper into viewing range of another student during a test or quiz.
  7. Working out signals and using them to help someone on a test or quiz.
  8. Looking at the paper of a student who is still working on a test when you come into the room from another class; checking out the teachers desk to see what might be helpful.
  9. Unauthorized use of technological devices to complete, disseminate, or reveal information or answers to self or others.
  10. Having knowledge of another Pine View student’s plan or participation in “cheating” without confiding directly or anonymously to Pine View personnel.
  11. Any infraction that warrants a school referral, or violation of civil or criminal law.
  12. Talking during an assessment.
  13. Other instances may arise that are deemed to be dishonest efforts of the student and will be subject to the same consequences outlined in our Honor Code policy.


Pine View School will treat allegations of cheating as a very serious matter. A Pine View High School Honor Code Council consisting of the grade-level Assistant Principal, a counselor and at least two faculty members will convene to decide upon disciplinary action when an infraction of the honor code occurs. Recommendations are submitted to the Principal for final consideration.

If a student has been found in violation of the Pine View Honor Code, he or she will not be recommended for the National Honor Society or any of the other honor societies. If the student is already a member, the sponsor of the organization will be notified. In addition, letters of recommendation to colleges may be withheld and the Honor Code Council will make a recommendation to the College Resource Teacher regarding notifying colleges of the infraction.

Whether you are specifically asked to sign the honor pledge for each school assignment or not, it will be understood that as a Pine View High School student, you will always be able to sign the following:


On my honor, I promise that I have neither given nor received help on this assignment/examination, nor will I pass on information to others.