What We Have Been up to

 Class Updates

It's finally spring! The class has been excited that they get to go outside more and enjoy the beautiful weather! They love stretching their legs after this long winter that we've had.

playing outside

On another note, the students have been learning a lot this year! Here are some of their favorite lessons:

Addition Bingobingo

  • The students each receive a bingo sheet with a variety of different numbers on it
  • I will read out an addition problem, and they will have to find the sum of the addition problem on their bingo sheet.
  • the first student to get a bingo calls it out, and they get a small prize
  • This lesson works on increasing their addition skills, and the speed of figuring out the addition problems

5 senses  5 Senses Stations

  • The classroom is divided into 5 different stations, each representing a different sense.
  • At each different station the children will get to use a sense--either touch, sight, smell, hear, or tatse.
  • At the touch station the students will feel an object in a box, and they will have to try and figure out what the object is by what it feels like (soft, rough, bumpy, etc..)
  • At the taste station, the students will taste a few different foods with their eyes closed, and tell what they taste like and guess the food.
  • At the sight station, the students will look at different colored objects where they will place like things in the same category.
  • At the hearing station, the students will have to determine what sound they hear when I make a sound behind a curtain so they won't be able to see it.
  • At the smell station, the students will smell different objects that smell good and bad.
  • These stations will work the motor-skills of their senses while getting them to move around and experience different stations.

If you Give a Class a Cookieif you give a mouse a cookie

  • We have been reading If you Give a Mouse a Cookie, and they love it!
  • After we finish reading it, the class will be making cookies!
  • I will take a vote of the favorite cookie of the class, and then together we will be making them.
  • The students will be measuring out the ingredients so they will each get the opportunity to participate
  • Measuring out the ingredients will also help the students with their math skills.