General Information

  • Those students who are enrolled in the hyperexcel program will be required to do more projects and cover more information throughout the year.  Please know that the extra work is given to prepare your student for finishing 6th grade units and 3 of the 7th grade units.
  • Students are expected to participate consistently, enthusiastically, and in a positive manner during whole class, small group, and individual lessons.  Participation in class activities and class assignments are important to informally assess student learning and understanding.  Participating in note-taking is a major part of the class experience. Students are expected to take notes in their composition books.  Notes will allow you to see what the focus was for the day, and should also provide guidance during homework attempts. 
  • A quiz may be given weekly/or bi-monthly at the conclusion of a standard(s) to check for student mastery.  Notes will not be used on assessments as they should be used for studying and clarification of learned concepts.  Summative assessments will be given within a 4-5 week period (tentative) as a unit of study is completed.  The summative assessment includes a collection of standards students have been introduced to.
  • While students are encouraged to be present, we do understand unforeseen events.  ONLY students with an excused (parent-written notes are non-excusable) absence will be allowed to make up work.  Students will have 5 days upon returning to complete their missed work.  If assignments are not completed, grades will result in a exceptions.  THIS IS THE STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY.
  • Grades will be updated as often as possible and should be reviewed regularly in order to stay current on your student’s performance and progress. I plan to send grade reports home on an “as-needed” basis for students with a grade average (not individual assignments) lower than 70% for review by parents/guardians. Please sign to acknowledge your awareness of the concern and have your student return the report to me the following school day.  A copy will be sent back to you.