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Mrs. Weber & Mrs. Kalafala's Class









Week of


We had a jam-packed week! With school ending, there is a lot to do!!

Monday – We had an awesome time at Holy Cow! We made lots of awesome treats, ate a lot of awesome treats, and even got to make one to have later at school. We will eat these next week to celebrate all of our summer birthdays! Later in the week, we made a thank-you card and mailed it to Holy Cow.

Tuesday – Today we read a story about Dads! We did some top secret stuff in art for our awesome dads! We did a number find and also practice writing words from our word wall. We also played a word game using our dry erase boards. I am so proud of how well they are writing and recognizing our sight words!

Wednesday – Today we read “Froggy’s Day with Dad” and discussed all of the things we can do with our dads. We made more top secret stuff in art! We practiced writing the number 9 (nine) and also wrote our last class book! We wrote about our favorite things about school this past year. We ended the day by practicing for our graduation ceremony.

Thursday – Today we read “Snowmen All Year” and “Zoomer’s Summer Snowstorm.” We made sno cones in art – yummy! We talked about summer and different ways we can stay cool. We played a new game – we walked around the letter rug and when the music stopped, we stopped on a letter! We then went around the circle and each child had to name the letter they were on and also say a word that starts with that letter. They are such smarties!

Friday – Today we read “My Dad’s the Coolest.” We talked about how each of our Dads are cool – the fact that many dads played hide-and-seek was popular haha J. In art, we finished up making our Father’s Day “secret stuff” – we hope the dads enjoy it!! We practiced our entire graduation ceremony and will be practicing it next week in the church! They are working really hard and improving each time.

We can’t believe next week is our last week!! We are all excited for summer, but sad to say good-bye to everyone!

**Graduation is Monday, June 16th at 10am. Please drop students off at our classroom at 9:45.

**If you would like to bring in something to share after graduation, you can sign up on our bulletin board.

Thanks and enjoy your weekend!!!

-Holly Weber


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