PreAP Science 8 covers the same material as general Science; however, we wil be going in more detail, doing more labs, and more projects. Be prepared to have atleast one project per six weeks, have notebook checks, complete lab write-ups, and have LOTS of FUN!yes

1st six weeks : Safety, Measurement, Scientific Method, Atoms, and the Periodic Table. (subject to change)

2nd six weeks: Formulas, Equations, Reactions,and Force and Motion.(subject to change)

3rd six weeks:Newton's Laws and Forces that shape the Earth. (subject to change)

4th six weeks : Earth Science (day/night/seasons/tides/eclipses/weather) and Light Years/Theories of the Universe. (subject to change)

5th six weeks: Space Science (Stars/EM Spectrum) and Ecology (relationships in ecosystems/food webs/genetics.) (subject to change)

6th six weeks: Scientific Research and Experimental Design.(subject to change)