Hospital elevator

Hospital elevators and stretcher elevators strive to create an equal barrier-free space for all and incorporate the needs of people with disabilities into the design concept of the elevator. In addition to engraving the braille on the buttons, the control box in the car is installed horizontally, with a high separation The bottom of the car is about one meter in height, which is very convenient for the disabled and does not affect the use of ordinary passengers.


Shopping Cart Escalator

Moving Walk

Moving walks are suitable for shopping malls, hotels, shopping centers, convention centers and other business's business premises. The installation layout is highly flexible to meet the creative space of the architect and the individual needs of the user. Make full use of the programmable electronic safety system technology and adopt the new design concept of the safety bus. All devices are connected to the nearest control board according to the nearest principle, which reduces the degree of interference and improves the reliability of the system. Built-in diagnostic equipment enables quick and effective troubleshooting. It integrates energy-saving functions such as frequency conversion and automatic restart to save energy, facilitate operation and improve energy efficiency.



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