Extending an Apartment: Expert Advice

Forced to deal with increasingly reduced interiors, many of us dream of additional square meters to improve daily comfort. If the solutions vary according to the typology, the real needs of the inhabitants, it is not impossible to push back the partitions of a dwelling. Interior designers Alen and Naina gave us their best advice for enlarging an apartment, combining optical illusions and more technical solutions. Extending an apartment naturally poses more problems than a house - the extension option is much less obvious to apply in a building, subject to the constraints of the architecture but also to the rules of co-ownership.

Lack of space is one of the most common problems when living in an apartment. It is not uncommon to feel cramped at home when the square meters are limited, to the point of creating an unpleasant ideal home water pressure on a daily basis. To remedy this increasingly common problem in our interiors, there are several options that are more or less easy to apply. Buying the attic or a small adjoining lot makes it possible in particular to move the bedrooms to a new area, the main volume can thus be dedicated to the living room.

But sometimes all it takes is a new layout to (visually) enlarge an apartment. As Alen, interior designer and founder of Home, explains, "everything is a question of typology, the needs are not the same depending on the height under the how long does a roof last in florida, for example." The architecture, but also the distribution of square meters have a major influence on our perception, which is why two identical dwellings in terms of surface area do not produce the same feeling... Two house professionals’ review the solutions that offer to us to enlarge an apartment - sometimes even without touching the existing volume.

Modern interior: bet on the right lighting

Light occupies a very important place in the decoration of a modern home interior. Several types of lighting can change a modern interior. This varies by room. Nightlights or dim lights can be used to add charm to the bedroom, trendy and modern home decorating ideas spotlights can give a shine to the bathroom and the kitchen can be revealed with the light offered by the rails for example. All these lighting systems make it possible to give a modern side to a house, independently of traditional lamps or street lamps (many of which are also very stylish!).

At the level of the living room, and the dining room, the mood lighting is more appropriate and highlights the room more. Functional lighting is also present. It is today the particularity of a modern house. In addition, several Redmi New Mobile also allow you to adapt the light according to your convenience (modular light switches, etc.). In order to fully succeed in placing your furniture, do not hesitate to use plans or models to preview your layout. Looking at pictures of other modern homes can also give you great ideas.


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