Important Dates

List of Important Dates 


22nd             Honeybee Practice

24th              Holiday - Battle of Flower

29th              Spring Show Practice (Current Team)                     


1st                Spring Show 7pm

4th               Honeybee Officer Practice

6th               Honeybee Practice

11th              Booster Club Meeting 7pm Cafeteria

                   Order Letterman Jackets (Pay ASC directly)

                   Popcorn Fundraiser begins

13th              Honeybee Practice

18th              Officer Practice

20th              Honeybee Practice

25th              Memorial Day Holiday

27th              Honeybee Practice


1st                Honeybee Officer Practice

3rd               Honeybee Practice

4th               Last Day of School Early Release

6th               Graduation

7th – 9th        Honeybee Officer Camp – Omni Hotel

15th -19th      Honeybee Practice ?????

21st – 23rd    Honeybee Camp – Omni Hotel 


 All after school practices will be until 5:30 PM