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East Central High School

Spirit Team Constitution 

Article I - Name

 The names of these organizations shall be the East Central High School Honeybee Dance Team, Golden Star Drill Team, Cheerleaders and Mascots. 


Article II - Purpose

 The purpose of these organizations shall be to provide a meaningful activity for the students of East Central High School; to instill a feeling of pride for the organizations through service to our school and community; to promote school spirit; to encourage scholarship and good conduct; and to develop qualities of leadership and self-initiative.  We are a team and will strive to act as one in all aspects. 


Article III - Membership


A.           Dance/Drill tryouts will be held in the spring semester.

1.        Tryouts will be closed and arranged by the Director/Coach.  Only candidates, judges, and school administration will be present during tryout.

2.        Candidates will tryout in front of a panel of impartial judges and will be scored accordingly.

3.        Candidates must have a written parental permission form turned in by the assigned date.

4.        Candidates must have no record of serious disciplinary problems.

5.        Candidates must have an overall average of 75 after first semester.  The most recent report card must be provided by the assigned date given by Director/Coach.

6.        Candidates must have no outstanding school debt.

7.        Candidates must have successfully maintained active membership status during the current school year on a JV or Varsity Spirit Team to be considered for the Honeybee Dance Team.

8.        The top 84 Golden Star Candidates will be taken as members of the Golden Star Drill Team.

9.        The top 24 Honeybee Candidates will be taken as members of the Honeybee Varsity Dance Team.

10.  Transfer students will be admitted at the discretion of the Director/Coach with administrative   approval. Candidate must have been a member in good standing on a spirit team at their previous school 

B.            Cheer Tryouts will be held in the spring semester.

1.   Tryouts will be closed and arranged by the Director/Coach.  Only candidates, judges, and school administration will be present during tryout.

2.   Candidates will tryout in front of a panel of impartial judges and will be scored accordingly.

3.   Candidates must have a written parental permission form turned in by the assigned date.

4.   Candidates must have no record of serious disciplinary problems.

5.   Candidates must have an overall average of 75 after first semester.  The most recent report card must be provided by the assigned date given by Director/Coach.

6.   Candidates must have no outstanding school debt. 

7.    The top 12 cheer candidates will be placed on Varsity.  The next 10 cheer candidates will be placed on JV. (Seniors will not be eligible for membership on the JV squad. Therefore, seniors not falling within the top 12 final scores will not be included on the cheer squad for the following school year.) 

8.  Transfer students will be admitted at the discretion of the Director/Coach with administrative   approval. Candidate must have been a member in good standing on a spirit team at their previous school 

C.           Mascot Tryouts will be held later in the spring semester following cheer tryouts.

1.      Candidate must participate in cheer tryouts.

2.      Later in Spring, candidates that did not make cheerleader are eligible to tryout for mascot.  

Section I – Maintenance of Membership

A.     Grade RequirementsGrades will be checked each grading period to determine if every member is eligible to remain on the team.

1.        A member who makes an “F” at the first 6 weeks progress report or at the end of a 9-week cycle will be ineligible for 9 weeks unless he/she gains eligibility with the 3-weeks or 6-weeks progress report. 

2.        A member who fails two consecutive report cards without regaining eligibility with the 3rd or 6th week progress reports (following the first report card failure) will be dismissed from the organization. If a member already on academic probation fails either report card from the first semester, he/she will be automatically dismissed.   **Honors and A.P. Classes are waived in the case of a failure of at least a 60 for members.

3.        At any time a member’s grades become unsatisfactory (below 70) in a class, his/her performing status will be suspended from performing until the following grade check. 

B. Grade Probation-Failure

The member will remain on grade probation for a period of 3, 6, or 9 weeks and is contingent on meeting eligibility requirements.

1.        The member will not perform as a member of the group and will be required to attend tutorials. 

2.        The member must attend all practices, fundraisers, and activities that do not conflict with either tutorials and/or eligibility requirements. 

3.        The member is responsible for presenting documentation to the Director/Coach of attending tutorials.

4.        Participation in social activities will be suspended during this time.

5.        Ineligible members will still be required to wear the “Day” uniform to school on assigned days. 

C. Conduct Probation

Once a member receives ten demerits, the member will be placed on conduct probation. Probation will last a period of three weeks. Parent/Guardian will be contacted by phone or letter.  

1.        The probationary period’s starting date will be designated by the Director/Coach and will end approximately at 3:25 on the 15th consecutive school day.

2.        Participation in social activities will be suspended during this time. However, the member must still attend and be in designated dress for all practices, games, performances, fundraisers, and activities.

3.        Any member who accumulates ten (10) demerits for the third time will be automatically dismissed from the team.

4.        Any officer placed on Conduct Probation will be demoted to line member.                                                                             

 D. Expenses

Each member MUST assume all necessary expenses for membership and adhere to payment deadlines set forth in order to maintain performing status. Members out of pocket cost will not exceed $600.  Being part of the Competition Squad may result in additional out of pocket expenses.  

E. Physical

All members are required to have a physical examination report from a doctor every year stating that the member is in good physical condition and can participate in strenuous physical activity.  All physicals must be given to the director prior to summer camp. 

Section II- Loss of Membership

If a member fails to maintain the standards of scholarship, academics, conduct, character, or performance required of the members of the ECHS Spirit Teams, the member will lose the rights and privileges of their prospective organization.   

A.        Grounds for IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL from the spirit groups for the remainder of the school year include but are not limited to:

1.        Unexcused absence from a required activity/performance without prior notification may result in dismissal at the discretion of the director/coach with administrative approval.

2.        Accumulation of the maximum number of demerits (10) for the third time as explained in the Constitution.

3.        Any assignment made to District Alternative Center.

4.        Violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

5.        Failure to attend summer camp.

6.        Truancy

7.        Two consecutive failing report cards without regaining eligibility between the two failures.

8.   Any inappropriate sexual conduct or exposure. 

B.  Grounds for Conduct Probation           

Should a member be disciplined on campus for school violations, the director will give the participant 10 demerits, and he/she will be placed on Conduct Probation for a period of 3 weeks. Any member who would be placed on conduct probation for a third time during the year will be removed from the team. The director and the member’s designated administrator will conference in regards to any memberwho violates the Student Code of Conduct, and parent will be notified if member is placed onConduct Probation due to the violation.

Section III – Eligibility to tryout after dismissal.

Should a dismissed member wish to tryout for the following year, a conference must be scheduled with the Director/Coach and the representing administrator prior to tryout clinic in order to clarify his/her intention of qualifying to rejoin the group.   The parent and student are responsible for scheduling the conference. 

1.        The dismissed member may tryout for the following year with approval from the Administration and the Director/Coach; however, he/she will be placed on a probationary status, which will stay in effect for the remainder of the current school year and until the end of the next year’s fall semester. (Academic probation will remain in effect until the 2nd report card of the fall semester is issued).

2.        A contract stating all the expectations of a member who is on probationary status must be signed by the member, parent, Director/Coach, and administrator once student has been selected as part of the spirit team. *NOTE: Students who have been dismissed from any of the spirit organizations on two separate occasions are ineligible for membership for the following school year.  

Section IV - Duties and Responsibilities of Membership

 A. Attendance

1.        All members will attend summer camp, practices, athletic events, fundraising events, activities, and competitions designated by the Director/Coach.

2.        A member shall not be permitted to participate in an activity if she is absent for any reason from one or more practices that are necessary to his/her participation.

3.        A member who is absent from school all day on the day of a performance or spirit related activity will be denied the privilege of performing/participating. The member will need to make contact with the Director/Coach prior to the event.

4.        The only reasons accepted as an excused absence are the following:

·        Personal illness or accident

·        Funeral or death in the family

·        Special school activities which are approved in advance by the sponsor

·        Religious holiday

·        Special circumstances, not included in these, will be considered at the discretion of the Director/Coach.

*NOTE: Out of town trips, work, and vacations are not excuses for missing required spirit group activities. All summer practice and camp dates will be provided by the last day of school. **NOTE: An excused absence will not be given demerits but may result in non-performance based upon the choreography (groups, stunts, formations).

5.        In an emergency when one is unable to attend a practice, a meeting, or performance, the member must contact the Director/Coach by phone (649-2951, ext. 2191) or email ( or  If unable to reach the director, member may call their designated officer, the Colonel, or Captain beforehand and then provide a written note (from parent/guardian) the next day.  If the member fails to do either part, the member will be dismissed.

6.  If a performance or any required activity/practice must be missed due to a formal occasion, presentation of an invitation or announcement is required.                                      

Note *  In efforts to align the spirit organization with other athletic organizations, and to promote the desire to attain Varsity membership and understanding of the necessary commitment, the following changes will take effect immediately.   JV Cheerleaders and Golden Star JV Drill Team will attend one local Varsity event and will attend all football playoff games.  Other than these occasions JV Cheerleaders will not cheer at Varsity events, and Golden Star JV Drill Team will not attend away Varsity events.  

B. Fundraisers

All members are highly encouraged to lend their support in all fundraisers that are participated in by the organization. 

1. Fundraising for the organization is never mandatory; however, members who do not participate will be made responsible for any expense that would have otherwise been covered by participation.

2. Funds collected from any fundraising event are property of the respective spirit group.  No refunds are given on fundraiser monies. 

Article IV - Routine Evaluations

 Section I - Routine Evaluations and Performance

A.       There will be a routine evaluations judged by the Director/Coach. 

A member unable to meet the standards set by the Director/Coach for that performance will not be able to perform in that particular performance, but she must attend the performance in uniform and assume her responsibility as usual.  Aspects of the dance/cheer to be judged are knowledge of the routine, projection, technique, execution, flow, and overall impression.  If a member fails to meet any of these criteria, she will be “cut” from that routine.

B.       Members will tryout for every dance routine, cheer, or performance.

C.       Any member who misses the routine evaluations will be eliminated from that particular performance.

D.       Inability to perform

1.        Any member suffering from illness or injury will be excused from a workout or a performance; however, the Director/Coach will need to be provided with a written note either from the parent or the member’s doctor. Attendance with the group is still mandatory.

2.   Any member on probation must learn all routines and go through routine evaluations as usual.

3.   Any member “cut” from a particular performance must remain dressed out and be present at all subsequent workouts and/or performances.  She must continue to workout and uphold all responsibilities. 

Section II – Cheer Competition Squad

A.     The selection of the competition team will be determined by the coach. 

The team may consist of participants and alternates.  Remember, that alternates are part of the team and shall follow the same guidelines as members of the competition team.  Alternates will be required to attend every practice and performance of the competition team.

B.     Each member and alternate must read and sign the competition contract prior to participation.

C.     All members and alternates will be responsible for any additional expenses.  

Article V – Officers/Cheer Captains

 It is the duty of all officers/captains to be ambitious, determined, and to maintain pride in self and in the organization.  An officer/captain must learn everything expected of the organization; cooperate with the Director/Coach and with other officers; maintain a sense of responsibility for the organization and “wear the Spirit uniform with pride.”Each officer/captain must always be a good representative of the organization and be the finest example of the ideal Spirit Team member demonstrated by her positive attitude, scholarship, and citizenship.  She must set high standards and always work to perfect her level of performance and ability.  

Section I – Officers

The Officers of the Honeybee Dance Team and Golden Star Drill Team will consist of the Colonel, Lt. Colonel, Major, and 1st Lieutenant.The Officers of the Cheer Squads may consist of Captains and Co-Captains

A. Colonel/Captain

The duties of the Colonel/Captain shall be to perform all duties assigned to her as the top-ranking officer of the organization and to keep strict supervision of the work of all the other officers and line members.  

B. Lt. Col., Major, 1st Lt./Co-Captain

The duty of the officer line shall be to assist the Colonel during practices and performances.  The officer is responsible for checking members’ attendance every day at all practices and performances.  She must keep the Director/Coach informed of all vacancies in the line.  She is to keep a chart of all members. Each officer will be assigned certain duties, which must be carried out on a daily basis.

C. Duties of all officers

1. Check squad roll, uniforms, and props at all functions.

2. Communicate or relay information to line members.

3. Supervise her squad in all areas.

4.  Any assignment or responsibility given by the Director/Coach. 

Section II- Officer Selection

A.           Officers are first, members of the Spirit Team and are subject to the same policies and requirements as the other line members.  In addition they shall be expected to be ideal role models for other members: have knowledge of cheers, routines, etc. and perform any duties assigned by the Director/Coach.

B.            Officers must have been a member in good standing of their Spirit Team for the year immediately preceding their term of office.

C.           Candidates for officer may be subject to the following criteria:

1.             Must have written parental permission to seek office.

2.             Must have an overall 80 average for the fall semester prior to tryouts.

3.             Must have approval of the Director/Coach and representing administrator.Junior or Senior cheerleaders with at least one year Varsity experience are the only members eligible for Varsity captain/co-captain selection.  In order to be considered for Junior Varsity captain/co-captain cheerleaders must have at least one year Varsity/Junior Varsity high school cheer experience.  If ever there is a case where none of the members have prior high school cheer experience, any member that meets the outlined criteria may tryout for captain/co-captain.

4.             Must sign a tryout contract.

5.             Candidates meeting these requirements will be expected to attend a workshop/meeting prior to tryouts. 

                           *NOTE: Any candidate not meeting the above criteria will not be considered for office. 

D.           The number of officers needed will be determined by the number of line members, and candidates will be made aware of this number prior to Officer Tryouts.  Officers will then be selected based on their final ranking at tryouts. 

E.            Officers are encouraged to attend officer camp at their own expense.    

 Article VII- Demerits

 Section I -

All demerits given to the student will be approved by the sponsor. At the end of each year, the slate will be wiped clean and all will start with 10 merits.  A deduction of ten (10) demerits at any time in the year will be cause for immediate conduct probation for a period of three weeks.  Any member who would be placed on conduct probation for a third time during the year will be removed from the team. 

Section II - Demerits

Demerits are issued for improper conduct. Demerits will not affect the member’s grade, but will affect their active status in the organization.  All demerits issued must have sponsor approval and be signed for in a timely manner by the member. 

A.       Attendance and Tardies

5   demerits  -Unexcused absence from game, performance, or activity  

2   demerits  -Unexcused absence from practice or meetings                  

1   demerit   -Tardy to practice, games, roll call, trips, etc.                  

2   demerits  -Failure to inform the Director/Coach, designated officer, or Colonel of   absence from any required practice, activity, or event.             

B.       Uniform             

2 demerits  -Failure to wear proper uniform, including practice wear, when required.                      

1 demerit   -Unclean hat/ shoes          

1 demerit   -Missing part of uniform          

1 demerit   -Wearing jewelry while in uniform                         

3 demerits  -Wearing any part of uniform without permission                         

1 demerit   -Failure comply with dress-up day. 

C.     Misconduct          

3 demerits  - Talking back to the Director/Coach.          

4 demerits  - Foul language          

5 demerits  - Disrespect or insubordination to Faculty members, team members, officers, and  Director/Coach.      

1-5 demerits - P.D.A.(public display of affection) with or without uniform.

·        1- holding hands

·        2- hugging or hanging on

·        3- kissing

·        4- inappropriate contact

·        5- inappropriate behavior with the members of the same or opposite sex        

Smoking tobacco, chewing tobacco, drinking alcohol, using drugs (dismissal).                    

10 demerits- Assignment to PBSI   

15 demerits – Suspension referral         

D. General        

1 demerit  -Failure to meet deadlines (1 per day)         

1 demerit  -Failure to bring required props to the field/practice (1 per item)        

1 demerit  -Failure to present spirit favor required       

1 demerit  - Cell phone use during practice, performance, or event. 

E. Behavior at Football Performance

1 demerit    -Standing or sitting without permission

1 demerit    -Consuming drinks or eating without permission

1 demerit    -Talking to outsiders without permission

1 demerit    -Moving from your assigned squad lines

1 demerit    -Failure to take part in an organized cheer1 demerit    -Talking/Laughing during National Anthem or School Songs

 Section IV Demerit Consequence and Due Process 

1-3 Demerits             Conference with student and director. 

4-7 Demerits             Parent contacted via phone, letter, or email.  

10 Demerits               Conduct Probation.  Administrator will be notified.    

Any member who would be placed on conduct probation for a third time during the year will be removed from the team.  

Article VIII - Uniforms

 Section I - Rules for Performing Uniforms

A. Selected uniforms of the Spirit Teams shall be provided by the school and will be respected at all times.  The uniform is to be clean at all times and is never to be worn incomplete, or separately. 

B. Jewelry is not allowed to be worn with the uniform.

C. All make-up should be worn in good taste and should be suitable for the performance (i.e. field, court, or stage).  Red lipstick, eye make-up and blush are required, and are considered part of the uniform.

D. Inspection will be held before every performance.  Uniforms and make-up will be checked at this time, and any violations will constitute demerits.  

 E.  Spirit Team members must change out of their uniform and into regular clothes within one hour after any game or activity in which the uniform is worn.

F.  Spirit Team members are expected to take pride in their uniform and do everything possible to keep it in good condition.  It must be protected in a hang-up bag at all times, whether being stored or carried.

G. All appearances in the Spirit Team uniforms must be approved by the Director/Coach.  The uniform is not to be worn in public, except when the member is traveling to and from school or a performance. 

Section II - Alterations and Cleaning of Uniforms

A. Good care and use of the uniform will be evident at each inspection prior to performance.  Each member must see to it that her uniform is cleaned only by the approved cleaning method.

B. Damage to any part of a school issued uniform will be paid for by the member.  Any disrespect or misuse of the uniform will result in possible suspension from the line.

C. Permanent alterations of school owned uniforms are strictly prohibited. 

Section III - Rules for Day Uniforms

A. A “Day” uniform will be purchased by each member.

B. The “Day” uniform will be worn by members on game days and other occasions as designated by the Director/Coach.

C. All Spirit Team uniforms are to be worn only as a group, never individually.

D. Lady-like behavior and manners are to be expected at all times in any Spirit Team uniform.

E. Day uniforms must be worn complete. 


Article IX - Equipment

All equipment used in the organization shall be kept in acceptable condition at all times.  Equipment must be clean and intact when returned at the end of the year, or it must be paid for. 


Article X - Group Behavior

 Section I - Bus Trips

A. On every bus trip, members are to go and to return with the group unless a written request is submitted by a parent and approved by the Director/Coach by the date requested by the Director/Coach.

B. No disruptive or disrespectful behavior will be allowed on the bus.

C. Do not extend arms and hands outside the bus.

D. Members must make sure that all equipment is removed from the bus upon returning home.  Each girl is responsible for equipment checked out to her. 

Section II - Game Behavior

A. The team will meet for inspection of uniform and necessities before boarding the bus or entering the game.

B. Every member shall take her assigned seat in the stands or on the track, and occupy only her assigned position during the entire game.  No one is to change seats or look backwards into the stands.  No one will leave the stands without permission from the Director/Coach, and only then in the presence of a manager or chaperone.  Drinks and food are not allowed without permission.    

C. At the signal from the Colonel, all members will rise for such reasons as the kick-off, singing of the        national anthem, school song for both schools, and drives for a touchdown.

D. Talking to outsiders or any person other than school officials is not allowed until after the game, without permission from the Director/Coach.

E. A member must remember she is attending the game for two major reasons:

1. To lend her support to the athletic program by supporting the cheerleaders and watching the game.

2. To perform with the band and entertain during half-time.

F. No Spirit Team member is ever to boo or act in an unsportsmanlike manner toward the opposing team.  Trips to the restroom will be kept to a minimum and only allowed for emergencies. 

Section III – Banquet     

 Banquet is a privilege.  Member must not be on conduct probation to attend.  Members must turn in their guest’s id # to be cleared for banquet.  All guests must be approved by the administration, based upon their disciplinary record.  


Article XI – Spirit Team Code of Conduct

         The East Central High School Spirit Teams are composed of fine young ladies, whose main goal is to conduct themselves as young ladies. The following rules shall govern the conduct of each member of this organization.  It must be understood that each girl is responsible for upholding, and seeing that others uphold the Code of Conduct at all times.It is not the purpose to create ill feelings in the event of turning members into the Director/Coach, but to encourage the maintenance of the high standards and ideals set forth by the constitution of the organization.Any offenses not covered by this constitution, but which are clearly and logically offenses, shall be declared by the Director/Coach.Any disciplinary action needed will be in full accordance with school and district policies, being approved by the Assistant Principal.

1. No member of this organization shall drink alcoholic beverages, use tobacco, or experiment with drugs while she is a member of the ECHS Spirit Teams.

2. No member of this organization shall use profanity.

3. No member of this organization shall show affection in any manner with his/her significant other while he/she is representing this organization while on campus or in uniform.

4.  No member shall display any suggestive behavior/pictures, profanity, negative connotations, or reference to ECISD, ECHS, or ECHS Spirit Groups while using on or off line technology.  This includes while a member(s) are on school property or at an activity of which he/she represents the school. 


Article XII - Manager’s Duties

 The Director/Coach may choose Spirit Team Managers annually. These managers are part of the Spirit of ECHS, but are not performing members.  As such, they are subject to the same rules and regulations as other members.Managers will fill out an application and be interviewed by the Director before being accepted.Managers will not be enrolled in the class.Managers are responsible for the following duties: 

A. Number and paint equipment.

B. Check out equipment and be responsible for its return.

C. Keep prop and costume room organized.

D. Go to games and aid in anyway necessary while at the stadium or on the bus.

E. Sit on the edges of the formation and make sure no one sits in the spirit section.

F. Collect props at games when necessary.

G. Carry the First Aid Kit, banner, etc. to all games.

H. Go to competitions and aid in anyway necessary.

I. Aid the Officers and the Director/Coach in anyway possible.

J. Aid in paper work and errands. 


Article XIII - Resignation

 Members who quit during a semester are breaking their agreement with the team and will receive the grade earned for that grading period as it stands.  Any money owed for supplies, trips, or uniforms are still required to be paid in full.  Students will still be required to participate in class through the end of the semester.  


Article XIV - The Director/Coach

 The Director/Coach and the designated administrator may take action on issues not covered by this constitution for the benefit and welfare of the organization.  The Director/Coach shall meet with the designated administrator and together decide the necessary measures.) 

Honeybee & Golden Star Director:  Mrs. Spurlock

Cheer Coach: Mrs. Becka 

January 2009

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