Semester II Final Exam Review

____ are thick in the middle and thin at the edges.
____ change color in the presence of an acid or a base.
____ measures how acidic or basic a substance is.
A ____ is a compound formed in solution from the negative ion of an acid and the positive ion of a base.
A bitter taste and a slippery feel are clues that a solution is probably a(n) ____.
A chemical reaction in which heat energy is released is ____.
A chemical reaction in which two or more substances combine to form another substance is called a ____.
A compound that is made up only of carbon and hydrogen is called a(n) ____.
A device that increases or decreases voltage in a power line is a ____.
A gas commonly used in lighting devices is ____.
A huge molecule made up of many smaller molecules is called a(n) ____.
A hydrocarbon containing only single-bonded carbon atoms is called a(n) ____ hydrocarbon.
A hydrocarbon that has at least one double or triple bond is ____.
A material molded into a shape and heated to very high temperatures is a(n) ____.
A material through which electrons do NOT easily flow is a(n) ____.
A molecule that is positively charged on one end and negatively charged on the other end is ____.
A process that uses a solution of known concentration to find the concentration of another solution is called ____.
A solution that contains all of the solute it can hold at a given temperature is ____.
A sound intensity above ____ may cause permanent hearing damage.
A substance that does NOT conduct an electric current when it forms a solution is a(n) ____.
A substance that speeds up a chemical reaction without being permanently changed itself is a(n) ____.
A(n) ____ chemical equation has the same number of atoms of each element on each side of the equation.
A(n) ____ is a substance that produces H+ ions in a water solution.
A(n) ____ is a substance that produces OH- ions in a solution.
According to the law of conservation of mass, how does the mass of the products in a chemical reaction compare to the mass of the reactants?
According to the law of conservation of mass, if two atoms of hydrogen are used as a reactant, how many atoms of hydrogen must be part of the product?
Although ceramics are strong, they break if dropped because they are ____.
An alloy is a mixture of a(n) ____ and one or more other elements.
An image of a distant object produced by the refraction of light through air layers of different densities is ____.
Bats use ____ to navigate and find prey.
Bronze is an alloy made of ____ and tin.
Compounds that have identical chemical formulas but different molecular structures and shapes are called ____.
Current that does NOT reverse direction is called ____.
DNA is a ____.
Each substance on the left side of the arrow in a chemical equation is a ____.
Each substance to the right of the arrow in a chemical equation is a(n) ____.
Fiberglass is an example of a(n) ____.
Figure 25-1
Figure 25-1 shows ____.
Fluorescent lightbulbs ____ than incandescent lights.
H3O+ units are also known as ____.
How many electrons does a carbon atom have in its outer energy level?
If heat must be added to a chemical reaction for the reaction to take place, the reaction is ____.
If the intensity of a sound decreases, the ____ decreases.
If you are lying on a raft, and you notice that the number of waves that go past the raft increases, you also find that the distance between each crest ____.
In a chemical equation, the symbol that means dissolved in water is ____.
In a solution, the substance that is being dissolved is the ____.
In a step-up transformer, the number of turns of wire is greater in the ____ coil than in the ____ coil, and the ____ voltage exceeds the ____ voltage.
In a titration, the ____ is the point at which the indicator changes color and stays that way.
In a titration, the ____ is the solution for which the concentration is known.
Increasing the surface area of a solid ____.
Light of one wavelength that travels with its crests and troughs aligned is ____.
Numbers that precede symbols and formulas in a chemical equation are ____.
One disadvantage to ceramics is that they are ____.
Plastic is a(n) ____.
Plastic is a(n) ____.
Resistance is measured in a unit called the ____.
Scientists and engineers may recommend carpets and draperies for the walls of a concert hall to reduce excess ____.
Seismic waves are ____ waves.
Sound travels in a ____ wave.
Stainless steel is used in ____.
Substances that prevent, or slow down, chemical reactions are called ____.
The alloy that has made tall buildings, bridges, and overpasses possible is ____.
The amount of solute that can be dissolved in a specific amount of solvent at a given temperature is its ____.
The atoms in a magnet are ____.
The breaking down of a substance into two or more simpler substances is ____.
The burning of wood in a campfire that produces heat and light would be both an ____ and an ____ reaction.
The color ____ is produced by blending the three primary colors of light.
The color ____ is produced by blending the three primary pigments.
The concentration of solution that contains a large amount of solute in the solvent could be described as ____.
The current that flows in an electric circuit carries ____.
The energy a wave carries is measured by its ____.
The energy required to break the original bonds is less than the energy release when new bonds form in a(n) ____ reaction.
The formula HCl stands for ____.
The primary light colors are ____.
The primary pigment colors are ____.
The process by which the positive and negative ions of a crystalline solid separate in water is called ____.
The rate at which an electrical device converts energy from one form to another is called ____.
The statement that current is equal to the voltage difference divided by the resistance is known as ____.
The structure of benzene can best be described as a ____.
The unit used to measure frequency is the ____.
The way your brain interprets the intensity of a sound is the ____.
Water waves are ____.
What is an insoluble compound that forms during a chemical reaction?
What type of reaction is shown in the following chemical equation: NH3 + HCl ® NH4Cl?
What type of reaction is shown in the following chemical equation: 2H2O ® 2H2 + O2?
What wavelength of light is reflected from a red shirt?
When a wave passes from a less dense medium to a more dense medium, the ____ may change.
When most chemical reactions take place, some ____ in the reactants must be broken, a process that requires energy.
When one element replaces another element in a compound, the reaction is a ____ reaction.
When one material is embedded into another material, the resulting material is called a(n) ____.
When you squeeze together the coils of a spring and then release them, you are creating a ____ wave.
Which of the following combinations would increase the solubility of a gas in a liquid?
Which of the following could represent a decomposition reaction?
Which of the following groups is characteristic of an alcohol?
Which of the following is a balanced chemical equation?
Which of the following is a device designed to open an overloaded circuit and prevent overheating?
Which of the following is the correct equation to calculate electrical energy?
Which of the following is the correct relationship among power, current, and voltage?
Which of the following uses a lens and two mirrors?
Which of the following will speed up the dissolving of a solid solute in water?