Digital Access

Our school offers students access to various types of technology. At times, technology does have to be shared with other classes. However, due to scheduling and the various technology available to students we are always able to complete the task at hand. 


All Dothan City School students, grades 4-12, are issued an IPad. These are able to be taken home, but are strictly monitored by system administrators. 

Students in grades Kindergarten-3rd grade have access to two classroom IPads that may be utilized at teacher discretion. These will generally be used during small group center time to reinforce skills, and group projects. 

All teachers are also issued an IPad that they may use in their classroom. 

Each school in our district has two IPad carts, which consist of 25 IPads, that teachers may check out on a first come first serve basis. 


Classroom Computers and Laptops

Each classroom is equipped with 3 classroom desktop computers. These are easy accessible during small group time for projects or individual projects. 

Each classroom also is issued 1 student laptop, and one teacher laptop. 


Cameras,Clickers, Etc.

Cameras, Clickers and other technology is provided in specialized classes as needed. However, there is also technology items available to check out in the technology department. 


Computer Labs

There are 2 computer labs available at our school. Our class has two scheduled computer classes each week. During this time, students work with a certified computer teacher on technology skills. Once a week, we have a protected computer lab time that is used to work on projects.