Mr. Hott's 9th Grade Social Studies Class



to Mr. Hott's 9th Grade Social Studies Class

Mr. Hott  

9th Grade Social Studies

Phone: 010-555-5555



Welcome to Social Studies! I am excited about having the opportunity to teach you about the history of the world. I firmly believe this class will develop your critical thinking skills more and also allow you to have a deeper appreciation of history and current events.





Note to Parents

I am very excited about teaching your child this year. I believe this class will be a wonderful learning experience for every student in the classroom. My goal is for student's to leave my class with a firm understanding of the events that have shaped modern history. Hopefully, this knowledge will make them more critical about the events that are happening today. However, to be successful I need your help. Throughout the year, there will projects and assignments that you can help students with. This may come in the form of the survey or questionnaire. It can be as simple as reviewing your child's assignment. I would be grateful if you could help out in this regard. In addition, we will be taking field trips a few times throughout the year to different museums and historical sites. We need chaperones for these events to happen. Details of each field trip will be sent out in a timely manner. There will be a number of other events throughout the year you can attend, including classroom presentations, school breakfasts and open house. I look forward to working with you and your child.


























All assignments and projects will be posted on my calendar above.


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