Houle's Happenings


June Happenings


Wild about Writing and Science

        We have been combining our nonfiction writing with our research skills to create website about our favorite animals.  We have been using books and the internet to find out information about our animal’s internal and external structures. We have also been learning how to write paragraphs by paraphrasing information, organizing paragraphs and adding text features to our writing.  We are excited to show off our websites at our Animal Celebration on June 8th at 1:30.


Social Studies

          We will wrap up our study of the United States region with a look at The Southwest region.  We will read about important physical features, natural resources and cultural activities that take place in the West.  We also learned about the states and capitals in the Southwest and will be preparing for our 50 states and capitals test.   To wrap up the year, we will be looking at our neighbors to the north and south, Canada and Mexico.


Reading Corner

          We have been studying the way authors develop theme through the story Tuck Everlasting.  We have been discussing the way a character’s thoughts and actions help us to determine the theme of the story.  We have looked at how the language used in a text helps us to see what the author is trying to tell.  Finally, we have been discussing whether or not we would want to live forever.  Would immortality be a blessing or a curse?


Marvelous Math

           Our final unit of math took many of the concepts we learned throughout the year and applied them to real world situations.  We were able to revisit problem solving with all of our operations.  We also looked again at line plots, perimeter and area, symmetry and fractions.  This was a great way to wrap up our year.