Complete Guide HP Printer Setup With and Without CD




HP printer setup without CD-Windows


Follow the steps below to perform the USB setup:


  • Into your PC, you must link the printer's USB cable
  • The USB port shall be found on the rear of the computer or laptop
  • After this, you will press the power button of the printer
  • Then you must choose the start menu on the Windows OS
  • In the start option, type Printers and scanners 
  • The search process will find the feature and click to open it
  • Choose to Add a Printer or Scanner option and find the printer that you are using
  • Click the printer name and follow the on-screen prompts 
  • The Printer finally gets installed

HP printer setup without CD- MAC

  • Always check whether your printer is compatible with the MAC operating system
  • The Printer must be close to the computer
  • This can establish direct communication between your PC and the printer
  • Also, see whether the USB adapter is present
  • Then connect the printer's USB cable into the computer
  • Now press the power button and the printer gets turned ON
  • After this, there will be an on-screen prompt for the installation
  • Click the install option and the printer gets installed without using the CD

Once you have installed the printer successfully, you must go through the printer's manual. Check for steps on how to download the software for your printer. As you have done the hardware part, it is important that you must perform the software too. Refer for the other instructions

If you have any doubts while downloading the software for your printer, then you can contact the Roku support team to clear out all the problems. Call us @ +1-844-876-5110