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Welcome to the exciting world of Fifth Grade!  This is a year of transition for students as they become the "Seniors" of the lower schools, developing the skills they will need to become independent learners.

Our team will work together to foster your student's enthusiasm and interest in learning while encouraging creative thinking and problem solving.

My World:  The fifth grade Language Arts curriculum helps students prepare for the future by strengthening reading, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and writing skills.

My Team Members' Worlds :In mathematics, Fifth Graders will strengthen their problem solving skills while developing the basic fundamentals of math, preparing them for middle school and beyond. In Social Studies, Fifth Graders will explore the settlement and development of our great nation.  In Science, Fifth Graders will discover ecosystems, the Human Body, and much, much more.  

Fifth grade is a wonderful year in the life of a child and I am excited and honored to be working together to ensure that your student has a motivating and safe learning experience in the classroom.

Teach a child to love reading and they can learn anything!