Element 2

Element 2

Teachers know their students and how they learn

I have created in one of my university subjects a pdh/pe stage 3 unit of work (Appendix B) that aims to develop students understanding and awareness about building and maintaining positive relationships in all aspects of their lives, particularly bullying and conflict situations. This unit will revolve around the text ‘Mikie the Bikie’ by Ann Grabau where bullying and change are confronted. The unit will teach student’s positive behaviour and solutions to deal with the mentioned situations where they will learn the many support avenues available to them. The unit also aims at getting students to recognise their rights and responsibilities within their classroom and school environment. In McInerney & McInerney (2006) the age group of middle and late childhood is discussed and described as a period of steady growth that ends with the dramatic arrival of puberty. With a stage 3 class there will be a diverse range of sizes and levels of development occurring. It is crucial that these variations of growth and maturity are taken into consideration when teaching and that all students realize that they develop at different times and this is something I have taken into consideration in the unit.  I have also included a letter that would be sent home to care givers as to notify them of what is being taught and to invite them to speak to me about any concerns or quires they would have about the unit.

I will continue to expand my professional development by undertaking seminars and workshops so that I can create lessons where the knowledge they are learning is meaningful and relevant. The Quality Teaching Framework emphasises the importance of teachers to have a deep understanding and knowledge about the content being taught and this is something I will continue to develop.In my next practicum I will obverse as many different classrooms as I can to gain a broad understanding of how students learn and effective teaching practises. 

I need to become more confidence and creative in my ICT knowledge and understanding as to enable my student’s opportunities to enhance learning experiences and explore different modes of communication. Knowledge of intellectual, physical and social development will need to be taken into consideration in my lesson plans and also the background of my student. I need to accommodate and adequately teach with this in mind. I need to hold a parent night to outline and take question from parents about the unit. I would also encourage the parents to become involved and reiterate that their involvement in my classroom is greatly appreciated.

I believe in a social constructivist approach to learning, where student are supported and scaffolded in their learning. This unit aims to allow student’s to source the answers and use one another and resources to do so.