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Spelling City

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Theme 1 - Facing Challenges

The Hot and Cold Summer

Johanna Hurwitz Author Page

National Geographic Article on Parrots

Character Traits Chart Online Lemonade Stand

Pizza Fractions
Prefixes, Suffixes and Roots

Secret Talk

Create Your Own Poems Online
Friendship Interactive Magnetic Poetry

Mighty Jackie: The Strike Out Queen

Jackie Mitchell - The Girl Who Struck Out Babe Ruth The Real Story of Jackie's StrikeOut  

Marissa Moss Author Page
Babe Ruth Museum Online

Character Trait Trading Card

Bio-Cube Interactive


The New Kid

Baseball Vocabulary Word Web Game
Shape Poem Generator

Make Your Own Baseball Card Online

Danitra Brown Leaves Town

Nikki Grimes Author Page

Narrative Poem - Casey at Bat Audio Track

Interactive Story Map
Interactive Venn Diagram


Summertime Star Parties

Cyberchase - Stargazing Interactive

Kai's Journey to Gold Mountain

Angel Island Photo Gallery

Katrina Currier Author Page

Interactive Plot Diagram
Postcard Interactive Creator

My Japanese Sister

All About Kimonos and Japanese Clothing

What does it take to become a Host Family?

Pedro Puts on a Play

Mariachi Festival Slideshow New York Times Smithsonian Mariachi Video
How Marionettes are Made Vodcast
Smithsonian Creole Songs of Haiti


Raul's After School Snack

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Theme 2 - Getting the Job Done

On the Banks of Plum Creek

Horehound Candy Recipe
Conflict Resolution Interactive

Biographies of All the People Featured
within the Story

Surviving Life on the Prairie

Build your own Sod House
What Life was Like in a Sod House
Pioneer Camera

Fun with Dung
Pioneer Life Thinkquest
Pioneers Thinkquest

Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World

Quiz Over the Story
National Cowboy Museum

Mildred Pitts Walter Author Website

Bill Pickett Biography

Cooking on the Prairie Recipes

Justin and the Best Biscuits
Internet Scavenger Hunt

Home on the Range/Hats Off to the Cowboy

Home on the Range
Cowboy Hat etiquette
Red Steagall

Three Little Cyberpigs

Jane Tesh Biography
Three Cyberpigs Game
Tech Terms for Kids

The Three Little Pigs Revisited

Roald Dahl's Three Pigs Poem
What are Fractured Fairy Tales?
Three Little Pigs
Create your own board game of the three pigs

Weaving a California Tradition Wonder Weaver

Emerald's Eggs

Turtle Trouble
National Geographic Creature Feature - Leatherback Sea Turtle
Leatherback Sea Turtle Crittercam Mission
Sea Turtle, Inc.
National Geographic Creature Feature - Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Local Governments

National Vs State Governments

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Theme 3- Natural Changes

Mimicry and Camouflage

Animals that use Camouflage
Camouflage Field Book Interactive from Harcourt

Write your own Animal Adaptation Report
Seeing Through Camouflage Interactive Game
Animal Adaptation
Printable Activity
Design your own Trickster Butterfly


Lizard, Frogs, and Polliwogs

Douglas Florian Paintings
Meet the Author Douglas Florian
Write Your Own Animal Poem
Camouflage Art Lesson


Mountain Maker Earth Shaker
Volcano World
National Geographic-Mount Everest
Animation of the Birth of the Himalayan Mountains
Volcano Internet Field Trip
Mountains: A Drama Exploration

To the Top of the World

Mt. Everest Facts and Quick History
National Geographic Kids

Fire Storm

Jean Craighead George Author Website
Salmon River Whitewater Rafting Experience
Hans Christian Anderson's story of Phoenix Bird
Illustrator Wendell Minor Website
Smoky Bear Forest Fire Information Page

Flame Busters

Protective Firefighter Clothing
Fire Call: A Woodland Firefighter Speaks
Write your own creative article about a fire incident

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Theme 4: Imaginiation at Work

So You Want to Be an Inventor? Illustrator David Small Biography & Artwork
Inventors Hall of Fame
Interactive Technology Timeline
Internet Scavenger Hunt over Inventors and Inventions
Enchanted Learning Inventors
Invention Games
Make a Movie MachineMake your won Phenakistoscope
Watch an animation of the Phenakistoscope
Create your own flipbook
Make your own flipbook
Just Like MeLinks to all the Artists Featured
Create Your Own Self-Portrait
How do Draw Portraits
Andy Warhol: Pop Art
I Am an ArtistPat Lowery Collins Official Website
Write Your Own "I Am an Artist"
Emotion Poem
Hewitt Anderson's Great Big LifeJerdine Nolen't Official Website
Jack and the Beanstalk Mural w/ Story Online
Imagine how small you would be in the Anderson house
The Little Fly and the Great MooseJaneen Adil Official Website
Scholastic-write your own folktale
How to teach Pourquoi tales
Juan Verdades: The Man Who Couldn't Tell a LieJoe Hayes Biography and More
Describe your Apples
Hard CheeseHelen Ward Unit on Fables (pg. 9)
Modern Fable Squids will be Squids lesson
Four Animated Fables
The Case of the Too-Hot Apple CiderIllustrator Chris Buzelli's Online Gallery
MysteryNet's Kids Online Short Mysteries
Mystery Writing-Cooperative Groups
Scholastic's Writing with Writers
Recipe for Hot Apple Cider
Reading a Biography: Sequoyah's Talking LeavesImage of the Cherokee Syllable Alphabet
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Theme 5 - A New Home

Because of Winn-Dixie

Student Projects over the book
Kate DiCamillo Official Website
Because of Winn Dixie Webquest

Florida Environmental Photos

Online Clips of the Movie

Library Dogs

Decoding Dog Speak

What is Your Dog and Cat Trying to Tell You?

My Dairy From Here to There

Amada Irma Perez Author Webpage

Photos of Juarez, Mexico El Paso, TX Visitor InformationMexicali, Mexico Visitor InformationSaguaro Cactus Video


Cesar Chavez

Webcams on Border Crossing in San Ysidro
Current Stats on Wait Time at Border Crossings

Moving/There's an Orange Tree Out There

Eileen Spinelli Author Poet Webpage
Write a Phone Number Poem

The Cricket in Time Square

George Seldon Biography

Coney Island

Times Square Webcam

Official Website of Times Square
Tucker Mouse's Life Savings Activity
What's Beneath a City Sidewalk
Build Your Own Cricket Cage

Cricket Thermometer

Interactive Cricket Conversion Calculator

Interactive Cricket Rating Temperature Applet

Mangrove Wilderness

Bianca Lavies Author Webpage

Photos and quick information on Mangroves

Mangrove Information,
Maps, Diagrams and More

Wetlands Plant Watercolor Lesson

Food Chain Worksheet

Jack Prelutsky Sings "On a Mangrove Tree"


Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park Photos
Endangered Animal Art Activity
Welcome to Chinatown!

Cultural Information from San Francisco's Chinatown
Grant Avenue Chinatown
360 Degree Image of Grant Avenue
Chinatown Image

Reading Fiction: Amelia's Garden

Comic Strip Planning Sheet

Create your Own Comic Strip on how the Garden was Created

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