Supply List

1 small plastic school box 

1  #2 pencil

2 glue sticks (clear only, please)

1 bottle of glue (4 oz.) (We prefer Elmer's glue.)

1 box Crayola Classic Washable Markers (8 count)

1 box Crayola Crayons (8 count only!) (no large crayons)

2 pocket folders (withoud brads)

1 roll of double sided tape (Please do not send the removable type.  There is a permanent type that works better.  Brands do not matter.)

1 white 1 " binder with clear plastic insert on the front

Tote bag (This can be purchased at Open House or you may purchase one of your choice.) 

Remember:  No backpacks are to be brought to school.

Please refer to the mailed out supply list for the following specific items your child should bring to Open House.

1 package (200 count) of paper plates (no styrofoam, please)

1 package of coffee filters

1 bottle of antibacterial hand soap

1 large baby wipes

1 large clorox (antibacterial) wipes

*1 seasonal change of clothes - This must be kept in the backpack at all times for any accidents that happen while at school.  Shorts, t-shirt, socks and underwear to begin school.  A note will be sent home in late October/November to change clothes to long pants/long sleeve shirts.