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Carolyn Hatfield, Principal

A new school year presents opportunities for new beginnings and this school year has brought changes to Huff Consolidated.   I would like to introduce myself as the new Principal of Huff Consolidated.  My name is Carolyn Hatfield.  I was an Assistant Principal for the past four years at Westside High School.  Prior to that, I was an elementary/middle school counselor.  I have also been a secondary school teacher and a secondary school counselor. 

I am excited to be the Principal at Huff Consolidated.  Since the beginning of school, I have met and talked with many of the students and parents at Huff Consolidated and I hope to  get to know other parents as the year progresses.  I pledge to work for the benefit of the students and to help Huff Consolidated Elementary/Middle School to continue to be the best school possible.  If I can be of assistance to you please feel free to call me at 304-938-3672.