Want to create the best lab report you can make? Here are two ways you can do that! Watch the powerpoint presentation and read the rubric to help you complete the assignment.

1. Lab Report Video Power Point

2. Lab Report Requirements


Mrs. Hummer’s Science Classes 2010-2011

Grading of Laboratory Reports



I.               Name and Title  (and group members)                                       5 pts

II.            Problem (form of a question)                                      5 pts

III.         Materials (listed with bullets)___________________________5 pts

IV.        Procedure (step by step, numbered)_______________________10 pts

V.           Hypothesis (if, then, because format)___________________________15 pts

VI.        Data Table (if applicable)___________________________15 pts

VII.     Graph   (if applicable)                                            ___   15 pts

VIII.  Conclusion                                        ____    20 pts

IX.        Pictures and drawings  (lab set up)                        ____                  5 pts

  Behavior/neatness of report                     __           5 pts

Total----------------------------------------------------100 pts