Syllabus Honors


Algebra 1 Honors

Instructor Mr. Hunt

Room 04201

Classroom Mission To Teach, Prepare, Inspire, Engage, Encourage, and Help student achieve mastery of Algebra 1 competencies and skills.  To show mastery we will evaluate ourselves based on the Sunshine State Standards & Common Core.  

Course Description

Algebra I is the foundation—the skills acquired in this course contain the basic knowledge needed for all future high school math courses. The material covered in this course is important, but everyone can do it. Everyone can have a good time solving the hundreds of real-world problems algebra can help answer.

Student Evaluation

50% Chapter Tests

20% Weekly Quizzes

25% Homework

5% Participation

Grading Scale

This course follows the Pinellas County Schools grading scale. 

Policies & Procedures

·       Follow, Respect, and Enforce the Platinum Rule.  (Treat others the way that THEY want to be treated.)

·       Students will be in their seats ready to begin learning when the tardy bell rings.   This includes having all materials needed for the day stored in the desk baskets.

·       Zero tolerance for cheating.  This includes sharing test questions with other students in passing, copying or doing someone else’s homework, looking at other students tests, and claiming someone else’s work as your own. 

·       Follow all School Rules and Polices that are documented in the student handbook. 


·       Wide-ruled, college-ruled, or printer paper (must be hole punched for binder)


·       Number 2 pencils

·       4-function calculator


Homework will be assigned daily, or as needed to insure students receive maximum exposure to the material covered in class.  Homework will be graded based on effort.  Students should reference the homework rubric to understand the grading policy.


Quizzes will be given weekly.  The instructor reserves the right to collect specific homework assignments in place of a quiz. Students should reference the quiz rubric to understand the grading policy.  Students must see instructor about make-up quizzes. 


Tests will be given at the end of every chapter to test the mastery of the material covered within.  Students will be notified in advance of when all tests will be administered. Students should reference the test rubric to understand the grading policy. Students must see instructor about make-up tests.

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