HU Reading Pirates!

How we will read 50 books:

  • Read 1.5 books a week (not just one!)
  • Read 30 minutes-1 hour every night
  • Choose books on your level-- not to hard, not too easy
  • If you are behind in your book count, READ MORE to catch up
  • Find books you love!


yesThis week our goal is 24 books.


High-Quality Work is...

  • Neat: Nice handwriting, no cross-outs or scribbles
  • Complete: Answers the whole question, uses complete sentences
  • Uses capital letters and punctuation where they are needed
  • Makes sense when you check it by reading it over


enlightenedHave you checked Jupiter Grades lately?

You can keep up with your grades and any missing assingments before progress report day!


Every reader gets confused!wink

*Don't just keep reading; Don't just give up!

  • Stop
  • Go back to where you last understood
  • Re-read slowly
  • Look for context clues