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8th Grade

8th Grade

8th Grade

Week of: 5-25






Language Arts


Read Story

Finish story, review discussion questions

Complete Conflict graphic organizer,


Intro to literary terms and story vocabulary, prereading exercise

Read Story



Quiz: Parts of a rocket, begin building rockets

Continue building rockets

Continue building rockets



Skateboarding Unit

Skateboarding Unit

Skateboarding Unit

2nd Chance Reading

(Burgmeier/ Hass)

Jamestown Fluency exercise, begin read aloud activity

60 minutes due, independent reading, complete comprehension exercise

Independent reading, reading skills practice exercise

Independent reading, Test: vocab

Final reading assessment

Social Studies


“Leader’s Project” due, finish presentations

“Leader’s Project” due, finish presentations

“Leader’s Project” due, finish presentations, map activities part a and b

Map activities part a and b

Review voc. Study guide, complete personality profiles



Due: 12-6

HW: 12-7 :#10-24e Quiz

Due: 12-7

HW: Chapter practice test #4-24 all

Due: Chapter Practice Test


Final Assessment

Final Assessment



Due: 12.6

HW: Worksheet


Due: worksheet

HW: 12.7 #10-24e

Due: 12.7

HW: 12.8 #16-28e

Due: 12.8

HW: Chapter practice test evens

Due: CPT


Reading (Hass)

Continue Persuasion speeches and read mystery stories

Reading (Burgmeier)

Continue work on both Persuasion Speech and essay

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