About Me

We always believe that the quality control must be carried out through every link in the production and inspection! GOLDENSTAR has established a set of strict and completed production system, from the mold development, raw material procurement, production scheduling, quality control ,product packaging, freight transporting to track product quality from customer .Each session is under strict esamination, from production system management and product quality control to ensure sustained and stable product quality in the process of production ;In addition, in order to strictly conduct raw material inspection, brake disc pad,semi-finished product inspection, complete inspection and ex-factory spot check, our company is equipped with a complete set of test equipment, which can guarantee the mutual binding of each link and ensure the quality of products. We strive to be more professional and rigorous! We bear in mind that the safety and the quality of products are the most important things.

In addition, to strictly control the quality and maintain the stability of the product performance as well as an artistic appearance, enhancing the quality awareness of every employee is the key to the pursuit of competitive advantage. Through the dissemination of quality information, the training for the importance of publicity of the products quality, the establishment of quality system and quality improvement plans and other ways, the company tries to enhance the quality awareness of employees.


Company Culture

Every Day, We Are Committed To Creating A Better Future. Our High Quality Products And Services And Make People Feel Good, Look Good And Enjoy The Perfect Life. All Of Us

Will Be Inspired: By The Smallest Of Actions Every Day, Add Up To Change The World. We Want To Create A New Model, Scale 1 Time At The Same Time Reducing Our

Adverse Environmental Impacts. We Are Convinced That We Can Take Our Brands To Improve People's Lives, And Fulfill Our Social Responsibilities. We Want To Build Into

Sustainable Enterprise. We Recognize That Global Challenges Such As Climate Change Are Closely Related To Us. We Must At All Times Consider Shadow Of Itself On The Environment

Ring, Which Is Deeply Rooted In Our Fundamental Philosophy, Is Also Reflected In Our Global Vision.


In Order To Improve Corporate Image, Intensify Publication To Create A Good Environment For The Running And Development Of Our Company And Show The Scale And Strength Of Our Company, Bettering The External Image Of Our Company, The Official Website Will Be Established Soon.

The Purpose Of The Website Will Be To Better Corporate Image, Provide Convenience To Product Advertisement, Provide Quality Service To Clients, Improve Industrial Influence And Offer Better And Comprehensive Service To Customers With An Integration Of Corporate Information Resources. Your Satisfaction Is Our Biggest Pursuit. We Stick To The Service Attitude As Before And Keep Forging Ahead.

All Staffs Of Our Company Wish Clients Old And New A Prosperous Career And Good Luck In Everything.