College Info

College Eligibility

iSchool students have the opportunity to be registered for college classes as early as their second (Spring) semester of their Freshman year. In order to be fully eligible, students must have passed both the reading and writing portions of the TSI and must meet each deadline for unit completion.

Students will be able to take the TSI without cost twice throughout the school year (once per semester). These tests will occur during the school day on campus on the dates listed below. 

TSI Testing Dates:

Fall: October 5, 2018
Spring: TBA

Any student with a student ID may take a TSI test at any time. If a TSI test is taken outside of these dates, it will need to be paid for by the student - each test costs $10, and students may take each test as many times as necessary. In order to take a TSI during school hours, a student must be maintaining pace with their units. If not, students may take the TSI outside of school hours (check with Lone Star to see testing center hours).

Students who only pass one of the two required portions of the TSI will be allowed to take EDUC 1300, a high school to college transition class, as long as they meet the unit deadlines (listed below). 

ONLY students who have taken Algebra 2 units 1-5 will be allowed to take the math TSI during school hours. Students who do not get to Algebra 2 during their Freshman year will take the math portion of the TSI in their Sophomore or Junior year. NO student will be given a math class for their first round of college class registration.


In addition to passing the TSI, students must meet each unit deadline in order to be registered for college classes. 

Unit Deadlines:

Fall: October 26, 2018

Students must be out of unit 3s (in unit 4s) for all core subjects.

Spring: March 22, 2019

Students must be out of unit 9s (in unit 10s) for all core subjects.

If a deadline is not met, a student may still be considered for college classes. This will be dependent upon how close the student was to the deadline as well as future academic performance. The student's advisor will choose any classes (based on associate degree goals and class availability) for students who are considered past final deadlines. 

College Registration Processes

Once you become eligible for college, your advisor will give you several documents to review, fill out, and sign. These documents will ensure that the registration process goes smoothly and will also help you to choose your classes.

You and your parents/guardians will:

1. Fill out and sign a blue form packet.

2. Review and choose college classes and alternates.

3. Meet with your advisor to go over your class choices (students only).

4. Once registration is complete, you will log in to your Lone Star account to make sure the classes you chose are the ones that show up on your schedule.

5. If this is your first college class, you can attend the college etiquette seminar for more information on what to expect (see calendar).

Once all of these steps are complete, you are ready for your first day of college! 

College Enrollment and Campus Rules

1. Students must maintain academic integrity and professional behavior/manners on Lone Star's campus.

2. Students who make a D or F in a college course will not be permitted to take college the following semester. Any student who earns 2 or more D or F letter grades will no longer be eligible for the dual credit program.

3. Students who recieve 5 or more ISS (in-school suspension) write-ups in one semester will not be allowed to take college the following semester.

Personal Graduation Plan (PGP)

Your advisor will meet with you throughout the year to discuss your progress and graduation plan for each semester. These meetings will ensure that each student graduates on time and achieves their goals for college. Below is an example and tutorial of a personal graduation plan (PGP) where each student's high school and college courses are tracked. Students will be given copies of their updated PGP throughout the year as necessary. You may request a copy of your PGP from your advisor at any time.

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