Policies & Procedures

Tardy Policy

First 3: free

4th: 1-hour detention

5 or more: 1-day in-school suspension (ISS) per tardy

**Parents/guardians should receive an email and a printed write-up to go home with their student that notifies them of the number of tardies as well as the penalty.

Detention, ISS, and OSS


Occurs from 8:00 am to 9:00 am or 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm (during school hours). Students will be directed to the testing room during either of these times, dependent upon when the teacher schedules their detention time. Detention is the consequence in response to various level 1 write-ups.

ISS (in-school suspension):

Occurs in the testing room. Students are held in this room throughout the entire day (sometimes students are held for half days, dependent upon offense). Students will be allowed to leave only for college and scheduled defenses. Restroom breaks will be allotted throughout the day, and personal electronic devices are not permitted for ISS students. Lunch is also held in the testing room for ISS students. ISS is the consequence in response to various level 2 write-ups. If a student obtains more than 5 ISS write-ups, they will lose college privileges for the following semester.

OSS (out-of-school suspension) and Expulsion:

OSS and expulsion penalties are decided at the discretion of the director, based on the offenses outlined in the handbook and any prior offenses that may be on file for any student. OSS may result in the loss of college privileges, dependent upon the infraction, past offenses, and the discretion of the director.

**Parents/guardians should recieve an email and a printed write-up describing the offense and penalty. The parents/guardians of any student who receives OSS or is in danger of expulsion will be contacted via phone call immediately.

Dress Code and Handbook

Dress Code:

As a general rule, here are specific articles of clothing/dress that are not allowed:

1. flip flops

2. ripped or baggy clothing

3. shorts, skirts, or dresses that are above finger tip length, standing (this includes athletic running shorts)

4. blankets

5. hats or wearing hoods on hoodies

6. unnaturally colored hair (blue, purple, green, etc)

7. facial piercings

8. any clothing that can be considered distracting or offensive

9. visable undergarments

10. low cut tops/crop tops

For more information, you can find the handbook here:

iSchool High Parent/Student Handbook

Defense Procedures

After a student completes his or her unit book, they will be allowed to sign up for a verbal defense. Defense times range from 9:30-11:00 in the morning and from 1:00-2:30 in the afternoon. Defenses last about 5-10 minutes, depending on the student and subject content. Content teachers will cover their corresponding subject for defenses.

The homeroom teacher will cover any history and elective defenses for Freshman students.

Defense times can be scheduled one day in advance, and this is recommended (especially during the third week of the 3-week rotation when many students are signing up at the same time). If you schedule same day (for example, signing up to take a defense for Thursday on Thursday), you will be able to sign up for an afternoon defense time in the morning (sign up closes at 12:00 pm). Defenses are scheduled first come, first serve.

There are no defenses held on Fridays.

Testing Procedures

After a student passes a defense, they may be signed up for a test the following day. Students are not allowed to defend and test in the same day. Students may be signed up for any of the following testing times:

8:45 am       9:15 am       9:45 am       10:15 am      

12:00 pm     12:30 pm     1:00 pm       1:30 pm         2:00 pm

Students who miss their scheduled testing time must sign up for the following day. If a student needs to reschedule a test, they must see their teacher in advance and the testing time must be open. Testing sign up if first come, first serve.

Students must bring their Lone Star ID and their own writing utensil to their test - these items will not be supplied; if a student shows up to a test unprepared, they may be subject to a test reschedule for the following day. Students are not allowed phones in the testing room whatsoever under any circumstance. Any sign or indication of cheating will be taken very seriously and will result in suspension with the possibility of the loss of college privileges.

Tutorial Procedures

If a student gets behind, it is recommended that they visit teachers during scheduled hours for individualized tutoring. Tutorials are held before or after school and should be scheduled with the subject teacher prior to the visit. This ensures that the subject teacher will be available to provide the attention necessary per student and their needs. Parents will be notified immediately if their student falls behind the unit rotation schedule. Teachers will also provide plenty of assistance during classtime should a student fall behind.


Feedback Friday will occur every Friday within a student's homeroom. The homeroom teacher will meet with each of their individual students to discuss academic progress and determine intervention measures if necessary.

Students who fall behind the 3-week rotation schedule will be subject to intervention lessons. These lessons are in addition to any class work and are intended to support the student in catching up. Homeroom teachers will also be involved in creating goal sheets and expedited timelines to assist students in maintaining pace. Content teachers will also be working with these students in small groups or individually for extra added support.

Google Classroom & Supplemental Assignments

Students will be working in the Google classroom platform for Algebra 1, English 1, and Biology during their Freshman year. They will be taught lessons that will help support them in their unit completion as well as lessons to help them to succeed on the TSI and STAAR tests. These online and in-class supplemental activities will occur during class time and will be useful in providing assistance with unit coursework. Your student will be invited via their student Gmail if they are required to join a Google classroom. The Google classroom provides students with extra resources and guidance in their unit coursework. Parents will also be invited via the emails they have provided the homeroom teacher.


Students eat lunch downstairs in the University Center lobby area. Students must bring their lunch or order for delivery as there is not an option to buy in the building. If a student orders lunch for delivery, it must arrive at their specified lunch time. Students will not be permitted to receive their lunch outside of their lunch time. Also, students are expected to respect and adhere to lunch time rules:

1. Students may not leave the University Center for lunch unless checked out by an approved parent or guardian.

2. Students may use the facilities in the lunch area (ice machine, water fountain, microwaves, etc.) as long as they are used for their intended purpose only. If these privileges are abused, they will be taken away.

3. Students are to sit calmly and maintain a reasonable level of volume. 

4. Students must clean up their area before returning to class. 

5. Students who miss lunch due to college are allotted 30 minutes downstairs only.

Any student or group of students who do not adhere to these rules will be subject to punishment.

Lunch times:

Freshmen - 11:15-11:55

2nd Lunch - 12:00 - 12:35

3rd Lunch - 12:40 - 1:15

**Lunch times are assigned based on homeroom.