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Santorini Island – A Dream Destination For Everyone


Santorini is one of the islands of the Cyclades archipelago, a majestic group of Greek islands near the Aegean Sea. if you are active on Pinterest there are quite high chances you have seen Santorini island, photographs of beautiful white-washed houses with blue doors built with captivating architecture over cliffs facing the sea, that is Santorini general view of Santorini island.

Those touring the island will encounter a range of accommodation alternatives including private holiday rentals, suites, and luxurious stays. If you are traveling with a large group or family, it is suggested to book the accommodation in advance with the help of Santorini Tours, avoid going to the brands, and look for the small companies as they know the island better and will provide the best places at a reasonable cost. Nevertheless, even if you are traveling alone or made a last-minute plan, you will be able to get a comfortable spot for staying, getting in touch with Santorini Private Tours will surely help you out.


Santorini is the place for one of the most active volcanic eruptions ever to be observed in human history. The eruption ended in the creation of a crescent of islands encircling a caldera. Even today, a journey to the caldera is a very famous activity on the reef.

There are several routes to reach the volcano. If you want to do it, you can ascend the stairs zigzagging on the mountain and originating from the old port of Fira (capital city). The other alternative is to take the donkey ride and although an easy alternative than actually climbing the whole stairs path, the only issue is the bad smell. You can also take the alternative of funicular – this is very convenient and practically has no downsides. You can ask Santorini Private Transfers for further details.


Other alternatives are the old sailing ships that take the visitors to the volcano trip. The route to the volcano is not so hard but it is suggested to take 3 water bottles because the temperatures can get raised and the area is deserted.

Once you are done with exploring the caldera, you can take a dip in the refreshing waters of the Aegean Sea. There is a shallow retreat encircled with sulfur springs.


The evenings over the caldera are contemplated to be the most beautiful and best on earth. The best way to enjoy the evenings is by sipping the coffee in a restaurant facing the beach, with your loved ones. Some of the bars put the calming symphonies for a true delight.

The paths of Fira and Oia also have a beauty on their own. The rocks of the roads have been worn glazing over the ages and stand proof to the number of guests the island invites each year. The shops facing the streets present a friendly market feel and you can have your time in the shade of a bar and observe the life on this beautiful island, over your drink.


Santorini island in Greece is an excellent stop for a Mediterranean vacation. As the sun fades into the far horizon the remembrance of your visit will remain in your soul.