Rubrics for projects-Spanish 2 & Natives

Día de los muertos proyect- Due on November 5th or before.Smile

 Late projects will not be accepted. Choose one-

1)    Dia de los muertos Diorama/Powerpoint –or

2)    Attend the celebration at Meca on Saturday October 30th 

A)   Attend – Dia de los muertos celebration at Meca and write a 2 page report about things you saw, food you ate, descriptions of ofrendas on display at Meca, music &  dances etc. You will be required to share your notes in class.  See address below:  Saturday October 30th & Sunday Oct 31st,  2010 *two days only!!!!!!   

MECA’s Día de los Muertos Festival- Honoring Our Past, Celebrating Our Future
MECA’s Día de los Muertos Festival features celebrations from throughout Latin America, with an altar exhibit competition, foods from Latin American countries, and vendors selling authentic Latin American Día de los Muertos arts and crafts. This festival truly is a community cultural event celebrating our ancestors and Latin American traditions

Free and Open to the Public

1900 Kane Street
Houston, TX 77007


MECA Dow School Campus

11:00 AM-5:00pm


Project on Día de Los Muertos.Late projects will not be accepted.  

Día de los muertos proyect- Due on November 5th or before.  

B) Dia de los muertos Diorama – Read below for specific instructions & rubric

The rubric is below.Día de Los Muertos Diorama de una OfrendaTo celebrate el Día de Los Muertos, you are going to research a famous person who is no longer living. You will do a “Diorama de una Ofrenda” which will include things that the person liked and did. You may use a box as your display to decorate accordingly, or you may choose to do a power point presentation. Be sure to include at least 5 of the following:

Photos and Statues
The centerpiece is usually a photo of the most recently departed family member or whoever the ofrenda is dedicated to. Photos or statues are also on the altar.

Food and Drink
The deceased's favorite food and drinks are set out. Childrens' foods may be served in smaller portions, are usually milder flavored and include many sweets. Adult foods are spicier and more varied. Although the spirits can not physically eat, they absorb the essence, and once full, they share with the living. The one constant food on the ofrenda is the Bread of the Dead.

Flowers symbolize the brevity of life. They are arranged on the ofrenda and may be sprinkled from the gravesite to the home, creating a pathway for the dead. The scent also helps the souls to find their way home. The traditional flower is the cempazuchitl (zempazuchitl), a type of marigold.

Many candles are added to the ofrenda and are different shapes, sizes and designs.

Copal incense is used to help spirits find their way to this world.

Favorite Items
Favorite items of the deceased are placed on the ofrenda. Items might include clothing, toys for children, daily use items such as hand towels or other things that are significant.

You will present your Diorama to the class in first person (pretend that you are the person you researched) while explaining your reasons for including specific items in the box or power point. Your written description as well as your oral presentation must all be in Spanish.

You will be graded using the following rubric:Written description of the person and items in the box 60 points .

The written description must be a minimum of 50 words and include the following: 1. ¿Cómo eres físicamente?

 2. ¿Qué te gusta? 3. ¿Qué no te gusta? 4. ¿Qué haces in tu tiempo libre? 5. ¿Por qué eres famoso/famosa? O ¿Por qué eres importante?Oral Presentation _20 points .

This must presented entirely in Spanish. Diorama/Power Point _20 points

This should include a minimum of 3 items, labeled in Spanish, and this must also adequately reflect the theme for el Día de Los Muertos.
*Please see your teacher and/or the webpage for more information.

 _________/100  (Major Grade)

Check this link to see how they celebrate in Oaxaca Mexico. Enjoy!!! 


This project was due October 15, 2010 

Spanish level 1 only

*****See rubric below*****

 a) Create a poster (flag)  from one of the Spanish speaking countries .

b)  You were assigned one during  class.

c) Be creative- size- small to medium

c)  Research about the meaning of the colors used in your flag

d) Research about the code of arms used in your flag.

e) Your information should be written on the back of your flag.

e) Be ready with your flag & information to present on Friday.

CATEGORY 100807050
Labels All items of importance on the flag  are clearly labeled with labels that can be read from at least 3 ft. away. Almost all items of importance on the flag are clearly labeled with labels that can be read from at least 3 ft. away. Several items of importance on the flag are clearly labeled with labels that can be read from at least 3 ft. away. Labels are too small to view OR no important items were labeled.
Content - Accuracy At least 7 accurate facts are displayed on the flag. 5-6 accurate facts are displayed on the flag. 3-4 accurate facts are displayed on the flag. Less than 3 accurate facts are displayed on the flag.
written summary

Summary is  accurate and important facts are included.

Less than one paragraph. Covers most of the important facts. Lessthan 1/2  paragraph. Covers some of the important facts but also missing some. It's bad.
5 w's All answers are complete and accurate. -Meaning of all colors used, code of arms etc.Most answers are complete and accurate. Some answers are complete and accurate. Little or no answers are accurate.

Topic: Hispanic Heritage Month- Spanish 2, 4 and nativos -  ****See rubric below***

 Project: Due date: Friday October 15, 20010 

Each student can choose one person from the list below- for their research project in class. 

Topic: Hispanic Heritage month celebration

-Successful Latin-American athletes, painters, singers etc. 

1.         Research about his/her life, work and important contributions.

2.         Create a time line in Spanish include 7 facts- in Spanish.

 You can pick someone else who is not  on the list, with your teacher’s approval. 

1.         Juanes- Singer2.         Sor Juana Ines de la cruz- writer3.         Mario Molina- scientist

4.         Carlos Santana- guitarist5.         Enrique Iglesias-Singer6.         Dr. Ellen Ochoa- astronaut/scientist

7.         Henry Cisneros- Politician8.         Sonya Sotomayor- USA-judge9.         Diego Rivera- Muralist/painter

10.     Adrian Garcia- Houston –Sheriff11.     Sandra Cisneros- writer12.     Selena Quintanilla- singer

13.     Manuel Ginobili- NBA14.     Salma Hayek- Actress/Producer15.     Adrian Fernandez- Nascar pilot

16.     Oscar de la Hoya- Boxer17.     Edward James Olmos- actor18.     Frida Kahlo-painter19.     Shakira-singer

20.     Lorena Ochoa – golfist21.     Mark Sanchez- Football player22.     Jose Hernandez- Astronaut

23.     Julio Iglesias-Singer24.     Carlos Gutierrez- former commerce secretary 

Sincerely, Mr. Mendoza.  

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Spanish 2A,  and Nativos- Sr. Mendoza


Due Friday October 15, 2010
CATEGORY Meets or Exceeds expectations  100Almost meets expectations  80Meets few expectations  70Does not meet expectations (0)  50
Content/Facts All 7 events were included pertaining to the person's life and profession. Facts were accurate for all events reported on the timeline. Past tenses were used correctly (preterite, imperfect, present perfect). Facts were accurate for almost all events reported on the timeline. Past tenses were almost always used correctly. Facts were accurate for most (~75%) of the events reported on the timeline. Facts were often inaccurate for events reported on the timeline. Past tenses were not used/not used correctly.
Readability The overall appearance of the timeline is pleasing and easy to read. The overall appearance of the timeline is somewhat pleasing and easy to read. The timeline is relatively readable. The timeline is difficult to read.


3 minutes

Time was used to present  the project. presentation was clear and free of errors

Time was used to present the project  the majority of the time, with some errors  Presentation  was not clear.Student did not  present project and or the the project was not done as required.