But then Interlining you find that you cannot stand the smell of coffee, or oranges, or any other food for that matter. And then there are the very frequent visits to the bathroom. That is why this is another sign that could be missed as a sign of being pregnant. You feel that your breasts are a little swollen and tender. 

Now that would finally be the answer to your symptoms.

Pregnancy is not permanent. This is because spotting or light bleeding occurs very early in the stages of pregnancy and usually happens during the time of the woman's monthly period. The pregnant woman should also get plenty of rest.

Perhaps you are ovulating, and your hormones are experiencing some changes. The good news with irritability is that it only lasts in the first trimester of pregnancy and will usually fade in the second trimester. But wait a minute, you haven't had your period this month. Otherwise, she will not find out about her pregnancy until a few more weeks when she realizes that she has missed her period. This could also be the result of having to deal with various other changes that will happen to the woman's body during pregnancy. To begin with, it is not unusual for a woman to have to urinate often. Once this finally dawns on you, you realize for the first time that you could be pregnant! Signs of pregnancy at this stage would be hard to miss. Frequent urination is one sign that will last throughout all nine months of the pregnancy. Add to that little aches and pains that you're now experiencing. However, when the woman feels like she should have her own bathroom next to her at all times then something is probably amiss.

By the second trimester, the hormone changes will become more stable and the pregnant woman has adjusted herself to some of the changes that her body is going through. Why does light bleeding happen at this stage? Most of the time, when the fertilized egg implants itself in the endometrial lining of the uterus, light bleeding occurs.

The one sign of pregnancy that everyone dislikes is the irritability. Dealing with these issues can make most people a little cranky. One very misleading sign is light bleeding or spotting that happens to a pregnant woman.

It could be a way for the pregnancy to make its presence albeit subtly. Irritability is the result of the sudden changes in the woman's hormones.

Another sign that a woman is pregnant is the frequent trips to the bathroom. 

There are many common and uncommon pregnancy signs of that you could experience in the first and second trimester of your pregnancy.You wake up one day, just like any other day, and you feel like something is not quite right with your body. When a woman is spotting, it is tricky to determine that it is a sign of pregnancy.

This is very early in the stages of pregnancy that the woman will not realize that she is pregnant, unless she decides to take a pregnancy test when she feels that her flow is too light. It is not impossible for a woman to miss this sign of pregnancy as it occurs as early as one to two weeks after the egg has been fertilized, which is much too early for the woman to have missed her period. Among the things that can help the pregnant woman in these difficult times is a lot of patience, plenty of good food and nutrition, and pregnant-friendly exercises.

It is also understandable for a pregnant woman to be irritated as she has to deal with other issues like heartburn, nausea and the frequent urination.

Thus the woman might think of spotting as her monthly period and will not think of it as a sign of being pregnant.
. It is a nine-month period which will lead to the birth of a beautiful baby. Perhaps your period is coming. In coping with these nine months, a little patience goes a long way in helping the expectant mother feel better in dealing with these pregnancy signs. Then you think, it could be nothing more than the signs that your monthly period is on its way