All about Ms. Ibrahimi

Hi, welcome to my website:) My name is Michele Ibrahimi and I am a 3rd grade teacher. 


*Masters Degree in Education from John Hopkins University 

*Bachelor’s degree from University of Maryland



* attended MCPS schools


* worked as a Montessori Kindergarten Teacher (3 years) 

* taught 2nd grade in MCPS (4 years) before having my 2 boys

* 3rd year at Ashburton ES

*** I am so happy and proud to be a part of such a wonderful community!


*I am a very proud mommy of 2 wonderful boys Jordan age 10 and Dylan age 7 :)

I am grateful for:

*my boys,family, and friends

*my health

*my wonderful job

Things I love:

*watching my boys grow!


*hearts, hearts, hearts


*cookie dough


*music, all kinds!

*chai lattes from Starbucks

*making blank-a-stanks ( cozy blankets)

*pink ribbon

*learning and teaching :)