TQ System and Data Notebooks

School Wide TQ system

* TQ chart and Weekly Evaluation*

*Please check the TQ chart daily which is located in the front of your child's binder in a protective sleeve. This will help you understand how your child performs throughout the day.

*Weekly evaluations are filled out and sent home every Friday. They are on the back of the TQ chart. Please go over it with your child, this is important. PLEASE return it Monday with a parent signature.

* Please go through your child’s homework folder each night. Please check for important notices located on the left side of the folder and homework assignments on the right hand side of the folder.

*The students also have an assignment book which should be filled out daily to help them keep track of their assignments. Please try to go over it with your child each night.          

* DATA Notebooks *

* Data notebooks will be sent home Mondays and as needed. They will contain completed and graded assignments. Please review  the completed and graded assignments with your child. PLEASE DO NOT empty the data notebook! We will do that quarterly. At the end of each month, there will be an evaluation in the front of the data notebook. This is for you and your child to fill out together and send it back in with the data notebook. I appreciate all your efforts and cooperation :)