Code of Conduct

Ms. Moore’s Code of ConductBehavior Expectations 

I  encourage EVERY CHILD to take responsibility for his/herbehavior…EVERY DAY, NO EXCUSES.

Montview students are responsible for meeting these behavioral expectations at all times.

Students are expected to

BE READY:in the hallwaysfor classfor instruction Students are expected to BE RESPONSIBLE:for themselvesfor their workfor their actions Students are expected to BE RESPECTFUL:toward selftoward otherstoward property  Students are expected to – Develop self-discipline  Demonstrate initiative  Display responsibility  Does good because it’s the right thing to do  (Internal motivation) Cooperation/Conformity  Considerate Complies  Examples of Unacceptable BehaviorsNot working consistently Wasting instructional timeNot walking quietly in line Running in hallwaysOut of seat without permission Calling out/talking without permissionBringing toys/games/electronics to school Dress code violationsDisruptive noises Eating food or candy, or chewing gumPushing/shoving in line Leaving classroom without permissionInappropriate name calling Damage to school propertyPossessing inappropriate material Improper use of restrooms     I expect all students to exhibit appropriate behaviors. If a child’sbehavior is unacceptable, the following consequences may occur: First Offense: The teacher will check for understanding by questioning the student and havinghim/her acknowledge and take responsibility for the behavior. The student must identify thelevel of the behavior and how to get back to an appropriate behavior level. Second Offense: If the student continues to disrupt learning, then s/he will go to a designated spot in the classroom to reflect on their behavior, which is a simple self-evaluation activity that has three questions. This  is discussed with the teacher.1. What did I do? (Acknowledgment)2. What can I do to prevent it from happening again? (Choice)3. What will I do? (Commitment) Third Offense: If the behavior continues, the student will then go to a designated spot in theclassroom. This discussion in more in depth in having the student describe the behavior and its consequences.  Fourth Offense: Detention  Fifth Offense: If the behavior continues, the teacher will explain to the student that s/he hasdecided to turn control of his/her behavior over to an administrator, and the student willreceive an office referral. THE FOLLOWING BEHAVIORS WILL RESULT IN AN IMMEDIATE OFFICE REFERRAL:1. Fighting, threatening or aggressive behavior toward students or adults2. Disrespect with or without abusive language3. Bullying4. Possession of weapons and/or dangerous objects5. Inappropriate comments/behaviors that have sexual connotations