Montview Pledge as a Student
I pledge allegiance to Montview Elementary School.
I promise to keep it safe, to keep it clean, to obey the teachers, to pay attention, and to do the best job I can.
I will treat others the way I want to be treated.
I will be honest with others and myself.
I will study so I can learn and do my best in every subject.
My Pledge as a Teacher

With great pride and satisfaction, I call myself a teacher. 

I pledge my dedication to my vocation.

With humility, I ask you, my students, to accept me as your teacher.

With respect, I ask you, my colleagues, to support me and I will do the same for you.

I pledge to make full use of my skills and talents in order to offer the best instruction of which I am capable. I promise never to stop learning, for a teacher should always remain a learner, too. When I make a mistake, I promise to correct it and learn from it. I will never ask more of others than I ask of myself.

I will exercise patience and tolerance in my classroom, be it traditional or virtual, and I will foster a supportive environment for all my learners.

I declare my passion for my profession, but if burdens ever become too great and affect my desire or ability to teach, I will step out of the classroom and rest as needed so that I can return to my students and offer the instruction they deserve.