History Hiccups

What do you know about the first Americans? Comparing Tribes

Beeswax - Do you know what's going on in the world?

Are you a Smart Buyer? Don't Buy It

History (Kid) Detectives - Finding out about history the fun way!

National Archives historical documents at www.archives.gov/historical-docs/
Library of Congress at www.loc.gov
CIA World Factbook at https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/
National Geographic GeoBee Challenge at http://www.nationalgeographic.com/geobee/
World of Wonders Globe Quest at http://www.tvokids.com/framesets/play.html?game=255  
US Census state specific facts at http://factfinder.census.gov/home/en/kids/kids.html  
Civics & Government:
Interactive map on areas supported by the government at http://pbskids.org/democracy/govandme/ 
Governmental powers at http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/usa_game/government/ branches_government.htm
Game on the three branches at http://www.usmint.gov/Kids/games/branchesOfPower/ 
MinyanLand,sponsored by the Council for Economic Education at http://www.minyanland.com/ 
Understanding Taxes at http://www.irs.gov/app/understandingTaxes/student/index.jsp 
Whys of Taxes at http://www.irs.gov/app/understandingTaxes/student/whys.jsp