Shenyang Tengsheng Plastic Products Factory gathers hundreds of professional Tengsheng employees who come from all over the country and work hard. They are passionately fighting for the development of Tengsheng Plastic Industry. After continuous exploration, Tengsheng people have drawn their own path to success. Always keep the technology leader and always pursue the best quality. Tengsheng people have been striving to provide better plastic candle holders products and services to domestic and foreign customers.


The glass candle base that perfectly gels with the home style creates wonderful focal points in the entire ambience. Available in alluring glass, metal finishes etc, and lively color combinations, these candle holders with candles inside in different sizes render a soothing and wonderful glow to the room. The diverse varieties of such products include- hanging, pillar, glass, votive, tea light Plastic Doypack Spout and Caps and wrought iron candle holders. These offer delightful warmth to the place and include aromatic and scented varieties that accentuate every interior.Candles are an ideal accessory for home décor. Offering brightness to the entire setting these impeccable range available in metal, iron and other finishes, are made from superior quality materials. 


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