Indian Dresses Salwar Kameez

India most versatile garment


Salwar Kameez is the most popular garment of India which can be worn for literally any occasions, from day-to-day basis to special occasions both by men and by women. Indian Dresses Salwar Kameez is also often referred to as Salwar or Shalwar Kameez according to the region. A Salwar Kameez is a traditional two-piece garment consisting of a long top otherwise known as Kameez and a pair of pants which are called Salwar.


The length of the top varies according to the region and also according to various trends. There is only one main rule: it should cover the bottom area at all times. Apart from this, the length can range from mid-thigh to knee-length or even longer. As for its looks, the top section looks like a tunic, especially for the Salwar Kameez Online India, made for women. As for the trousers their style varies from being extra loose and baggy being narrowed down at the ankle section Turkish-style to being almost leggings-like otherwise known as churidar. Kameez worn with churidar is also known as a Kurta and it’s another popular garment of choice in India.


Bollywood salwar suit has Moorish origins, it is no wonder that it is so trendy to wear especially in the Muslim regions of India and Pakistan. The big advantage of wearing Party wear salwar suits is, that it’s overly versatile, it’s very comfortable to wear and that one can easily interchange the tops and the pants as they like.


Salwar Kameez can be easily worn as daywear and you can also buy it for special occasions. All is up to the fabric the garment is made out of and the decorations, especially embroidery applied on the Kameez. The most expensive party wear salwar suit is those which are made out of silk and which include intricate embroidery, especially those made out of gold. The types and styles of embroidery and other ways of decoration vary from region to region too.

If you want to buy salwar kameez online it is essential that you are aware of your own measurements, the occasion you need the garment for and the fabric the garment is made out of, as these are the key price factors.


The silhouette of the tunic or Kameez is also important. While some prefer the tighter fits others may go for looser fits also depending on the body type of the wearer.


Buying Anarkali Salwar kameez online for special occasions is also very common in India. People generally buy these for family celebrations, weddings or other special events. They are made out of high-quality fabrics such as silk and they are decorated beautifully with embroidery or additional intricate embellishments.


You will need to be aware that in most cases you will need a tailor's help in order to ensure that the garment fits you properly. Although this would cost extra money it's a great and useful help. The length of the Kameez can also be easily adjusted to the figure by a professional tailor.


Salwar kameez can look overly elegant on women especially when it’s worn with a large, colorful and nicely decorated dupatta scarf.