About Me

KhasBox is an online store which makes any effort to represent what its name implies, to be Khas in the way of doing shopping services for customers. But what does Khas mean exactly? It means especial in English language, so we must have something especial in mind to present it to you as a customer.
Our objective involved a policy in which we provide a valuable gift with every single ware you bought, and will be sent to you in an Especial Box exclusively packed by KhasBox Company.
There are all electronic goods such as smartphones, laptops, and all kind of accessories for you to choose, and also non-electronic goods like clothes, watches, jewelries and stylish accessories in KhasBox which you can buy in original or high copy quality.
Our primary goal as one of the greatest online store in Iran is to provide an enjoyable shopping through offering various products along with Khas gifts to our customers.
You can receive your purchased KhasBox shipping free all over the Iran country.