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Other Helpful Organizations & Professionals

Workshops for Youth and Families Offers personal growth and skill-building opportunities to help students face the challenges of adolescence.

SAT/ACT Information – SAT, AP registration and testing information – ACT registration and testing information

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AD/HD & Learning Disabilities Information & Resources– Children and Adults with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder Organization – Dr. Mel Levine’s site offering extensive articles, books and research on how children learn. – The SALT Center at UofA offers accommodations, assistance, and resources for college students with learning disabilities, AD/HD and other learning challenges. – Provides valuable information for people or families learning to find their way with learning disabilities. – This organization provides articles and resources for anyone hoping to learn more about learning disabilities.

ADDitude A print and online magazine, ADDitude provides information and inspiration for adults and children with AD/HD and learning disabilities.

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Arizona Education Links

Arizona Department of Education – Access to AIMS testing information, Charter Schools Directory, Academic Standards, etc.

Arizona school districts – Department of Education website

Arizona private schools– list of Arizona private schools

Arizona Charter Schools – list of Arizona charter schoolsArizona Colleges

Maricopa County Community Colleges

Arizona State University

University of Arizona

Northern Arizona University

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Homeschooling & Correspondence Programs

University of Missouri-Columbia Center for Distance and Independent Study

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Private Schools in the Phoenix Area

Notre Dame Preparatory

Seton Catholic High School

The King David School

PARDES Jewish Day School

Jess Schwartz College Prep

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Metro Phoenix School Districts

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Unique Products

Kurzweil 3000

Kurzweil 3000 is the premier reading, writing, and learning software for students with dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, or other learning difficulties, including physical impairments or language learning needs. The Kurzweil 3000 system is a scanning software that reads aloud, takes notes and highlights information

Readingpen 11: The Pen that is a Pocket Scanner

An assistive reading device that is designed specifically for school age reading levels. Available for purchase at

Highlighting Tape

Colored highlight tape can be found at or by special order through Staples and Office Max.

NCP - Carbonless paper

Duplicate and triplicate carbonless three-ring hole-punched paper is available at various office-supply stores.

Time Tracker


This visual timer and clock helps kids (and adults!) manage their time. Find it at