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Richland Intercultural Festival & Earth Day

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Skyscraper Day

March 27th is a day for appreciating some of architecture's finest to offer our world.  In celebration of this day, we had a day on the town!  We all rode the DART rail to Downtown Dallas and had a great time!

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Career Day Seminar

I hope you had a great time exploring your career opportuinities...you did a great job!  Here are some pictures of our fantastically dressed business men and women! (click to see larger image; right-click "save as" to download your picture)

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Thank you class for sharing your favorite songs in English!   

This semester, you can come here to listen to your classmates' favorite songs in English.  If you would like to add a song, please click on the "talk" link below and shout out to us the name and artist of your favorite songs.

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Cultural Posters & Our Campus Cultural Parade 

 Please log-in to our wiki for photos and classmate presentations: http://ilcsp2009.pbwiki.com/