Thank You from the ILC

Hello Friends at the MC,

Last year you hosted Open House during International Student Week.  Again, we'd like to thank you for all that you did.  We asked our learners to answer a few questions, which we would like to share with you; they are as follows:


In my opinion, the main idea of International Student Week is:

To persuade everyone to come to Richland College, especially the internatinoal students.  It also help the student meet new friend or see old friend.

To know more about different cultures around the world.

To alternating current cultures around the world.  We can meet many people from many countries in the world and see many traditional objects for each country.

To met and talk with many students from different cultures, and see the traditional objects.

Exchange relations of International student.

To show us the cultures of other countries.

To know more about different cultures.

Show us something about the different culturtes that there are at Richland College.

In my opinion is to show that no matter where we came from is good to show all the different languages and all our tradition.

The main idea of International Student Week is to let have international students know more about each other's culture and have have connetion.

To know different countries culture. To good student relationship.

To know about different cultures and traditions.

To enjoy each other culture.  To see what cultural like the most.  What they show in their history.


The three things that interested me most at the Multicultural Center's Open House were:

The souvenir that show on the table, the flag, and the presentation of India.

The sculptures or idole of gods and pictures of different countries, which I haven't now for years such as Egyptian kinds picture.  The things people use for smoking in their countries.

1. The horn boat from Uruguay (very pretty). 2. Turkey + cigarret smoker (with a man head) + Muslim pray equipments. 3. Vietnam's sourvenirs + the pedicab (trichaux) + the house from people who live in the mountains. + I also like the cookies :)

Plenty kinds of cookies, the wood status from Africa, Egypts, and the mask from Brazil.

1. Modal from different county, elephant vilvet from India, dragon wood from china, drinks and tea, and exchange relations.

The statue from Syria, the bus from Columbia, and the people from different countries.

African Souvenir - Statues, Americas Souvenir (Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Venezuela), and South Korea - Dresses.

Statues, meeting with people from different countries, pictures and videos showed.

That is different languages that people talk.  I like that some people are dress like their country dress.  I like that they show the different statues from different parts of the world.

Video, Item from other country and students around the room all interested me!

The Indian Indygod, American - Venzulas, Jordan - Petra Jordan

The mongolian Warrior, the cookies and tea, and was the Hong Kong something that you could hang it in your car or house.

Meeting different students, watching movies - clips about different cultures, the sovines.


If I could thank all of the people who helped make the International Student Week events possible, I would say:

The advisors, the students and my teachers.

I would say thank you, to all the staff members, who gave us food, too.  By this I had known little more about other culture.

Thanks all the international students, all the languages' instructors and facilities who helped make the International Student Week.

Thank you all so much for you give us the opportunity to come here and have communicate with many people with different countries.

Thanks about all of them today.  I already had a food time enjoys drunk tea, looking at model of some contry and talking about them with another students.  Thank you so much.

Thank you for all the different things that you show us.  I learned a little more of other countries.

I would like to say.  Thank you full for show us yours cultures.

Thanks for let me to know a little about interesting cultures and for showing my culture to other students.

Thanks to everyone and thanks to show all the interesting think from all over the world and thanks to show different pictures and I like that they have have different music good.

Danielle, Susan, thanks to let me came to this event. I have learn a lot different culture and other people how they dress.

Thank you to do all things the members of the student week to show us cultural - The language proffessors and students who work on there.

Thank you all.  You have done great Job. You support us alot.  You helped me to improve my english.  You are the people whom I came for when I am confused.  I wish good luck for all of you in your future.

Thank you for your efforts and showing all the cultural stuff and the tea and cookies and indian dancing.  It was amazing and I enjoyed it.


Thanks Again!!!


ILC Fall 2009 Group