Improve Your Presentation Skills Significantly

Do you need to make a product, business, technical or science presentation? Perhaps you need to prepare for a TED Talk.  The key to all of these talks is to captivate your audiences quickly – and then hold their attention throughout – and finally move them to act.


How you may ask.

What makes for a good presentation?

A goodPresentations Skills Workshop /Seminar in Germany (online or on site) will show participants how to structure a talk in story form. Why?Because our minds our hard-wired to hear stories, which humans have been usingfor tens of thousands of years. Our memory works best when we first understand the context, or the problem involved. Memory is also activated if the audience can experience an emotional response to what is being said.  A good story, even for marketing and sales, and for scientific and inspirational talks, does this. It makes an ordinary presentation, into a powerful presentation.


This is also the kind of seminar needed by many sales professionals who are looking for international and intercultural presentations training – to prepare them on how to give effective sales presentations in other countries..It is one that not only will teach the participant how to structure and write presentations, but it will also give participants numerous chances to present their presentation rhetorically and with personal feedback from the trainer. Above all, participants get  lots of hands-on practice at writing and delivering their presentations.At the internationalpresentation academy, you willalso  learn how to use your voice properly which includes using intonation, varying your tempo and pitch, include pauses – and most of all, speaking freely and authentically.



But there is one final necessity in an effective sales presentations training workshop (online or on site). It needs to guide you on how to adapt your presentation to different cultures around the world. Culture is like a foreign language, so you need to speak in the cultural language that your audience understands. Without that cultural fluency, your audience may miss your entire message.


Key to finding a good presentations skills workshop (in Munich, Germany) is to make sure you search for one where you will learn to structure, write, create tension,  use PowerPoint correctly (without much text)  and specifically adapt your message to the culture of your audience.  A Presentations Skills Seminar in Deutschland(online or on-site) will prepare you to get your message across convincingly while engaging your audience with their minds and emotions. For more information, contact