Upgrade Your Training Skills with Train– Deutschland.

An effective trainer the trainer programis essential for any company's development and success. It is beneficial to both internal employees and external partners. The problem in many organizations, however, is that they often have employees with unique expertise, know-how and practical experience that do not know how to effectively transfer that knowledge or skill to others.Their intentions are good, but they usually interpret training to meanlots of PowerPoint text slides that are read to their listeners. The result is thatinterest and learning effectiveness drop to near zero. The key then is to learn the essentials of designinginteractive training modules– that arevery hands on, clearly structured and engaging at every step of the way.It’s a structure that closely follows the natural learning process of adult learners. To acquire advanced train the trainer skills, enrol in the 2-day Train the Trainer online that helps participants get that training skills they need.

The training content of good Train the Trainer Courses include:

  • A learner-oriented and engaging training programthat is designed to help participants develop and design their own interactive training modules that will be hands of for their own trainees.
  • How to make learning fun and yet highly didactic.
  • How to make lesson modules meaningful for the learner and thereby keepmotivation levels high.
  • How to engage participants in innumerable activities (such as gap analysis simulations, reflection, varied approaches to giving input, anchoring practice, experiential activities,interactive testing, and realistic application activities) which follow a learner’s natural learning cycle.
  • How get every one of your own participants involved.

In this learner-oriented Advanced Train the Trainer Program, our highly skilled facilitators invite all the participants to bring their own topics to the course during the 2-days together. They will guide you, with feedback, along every stage of the learning cycle.

Our motto is that “we train… and we train differently.” We will impart our experience of over 25 years on how to make your own training modules not only engaging, but extremely effective as well. Whether you arean experienced trainer or just starting out, we will take you to a much higher level. We promise. For more information, feel free to contact us at:info@ip-academy.de