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Hangzhou Hongrun nonwovens Co.,LTD



Hangzhou Hongrun nonwovens Co.,Ltd specializes in manufacturing and supplying domestic and industrial nonwoven products. We manufacture all types of Nonwoven wipes of various materials, including spunlace, needle-punched, chemical-bond, PP spunbond, depilatory wax strips paper, thermal-bond, and microfiber. Our products are widely used in home, salons, restaurants, hospitals, and in the industrial sector. More than 90% of our products are exported across the world.
Our commitment is to understand and satisfy our customers' needs and expectations. Our goal is to enhance customer satisfaction so as to develop loyal and long-term business relationships.
We are China depilatory wax strips manufacturers and wax strips paper suppliers, We provide products with usual specifications for clients who have no special need. And if clients have special requirements for the wax strips paper and other products, we can provide specific customization according to different requirement.