7th Grade Curriculum

7th Grade Curriculum


1st Nine Weeks

2nd Nine Weeks

3rd Nine Weeks

I. Rates and Proportional



A. Unit Rates

B. Proportional Relationships

C. Constant of Proportionality




IV. Multiplication and Division

of Rational Numbers


A. Multiplication of Rational


B. Division of Rational Numbers

C. Converting Rational Numbers



VIII. Geometry and



A. Cross Sections of 3-D Figures

B. Measurement of 2-D and 3-D





II. Proportional Reasoning with



A. Percent of a Number

B. Percent Change



V. Equivalent Expressions and

Properties of Operations


A. Equivalent Expressions

B. Properties of Operations



IX. Probability


A. Likely/Unlikely Events

B. Approximate Probability

C. Create and Evaluate

Probability Models

D. Compound Events

III. Addition and Subtraction of

Rational Numbers


A. Integers and Absolute Value

B. Addition and Subtraction of

Rational Numbers



VI. Solving Equations and Inequalities


A. Solve and Write Equations

B. Solve and Write Inequalities




X. Statistics


A. Examine Random Sampling

B. Draw Inferences About a


C. Draw Informal Inferences

About Two Populations



VII. Relationships in Geometric



A. Unknown Angles in a Figure

B. Constructing Geometric


C. Scale Drawings


XI. FSA Standards Review








Note: This is the curriculum of what is taught in 7th grade. Students are expected to learn these standards to be successful on the Florida State Assessment (FSA) administered during the 4th nine-week grading period. The order and pacing in which the standards are taught may change at teacher discretion.