Digital Academy Due Dates - Q1

Digital Academy DUE DATES for the 1st Qtr:

7th Grade

MATHia - Module Completion

IXL: - Due Dates for Assignments


8th Grade - Pre-Algebra
MATHia - Module Completion


IXL: Due Dates for Assignments

Week Ending 9/1:

Week Ending 9/8:

Week Ending 9/15:

A.1 Factors

A.5 Greatest Common Factor

B.1 Integers on Number Line

A.2 Divisibility Rules

A.6 Least Common Multiple

B.2 Graph Integers on Number Line

A.3 Prime or Composite

A.7 GCF & LCM: Word Problem

B.3 Absolute Value & Opposite Integers

A.4 Prime Factorization


B.4 Compare & Order Integers

Week Ending 9/22:

Week Ending 9/29:

Week Ending 10/6:

B.5 Integer Inequalities w/ Absolute Values

C.3 Add & Subtract Integers

C.6 Integer Multiplications & Division Rules

C.1 Integer Addition & Subtraction

C.4 Add & Subtract 3 or More Integers

C.7 Multiply & Divide Integers

C.2 Add & Subtract Integers Using Counters

C.5 Add & Subtract Integers: Word Problems

C.8 Evaluate Numerical Expression Involving Integers



If you are doing the EXTRA CREDIT worth up to 5 A's, it's due in OCTOBER. Click on the EXTRA CREDIT tab to find out more information!