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Extra Credit - Q3

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Extra Credit - 3rd Quarter


Week Ending 11/3:

Week Ending 11/10:

Week Ending 11/17:

O.6 Find missing angles in triangles

O.11 Find measures of different angles

P.3 Translations: Graph the image

O.8 Exterior Angle Theorem

O.12 Transversal of parallel lines

P.5 Reflections: Graph the image

O.10 Find different angles

P.2 Identify transformations

P.7 Rotations: Graph the image

Week Ending 12/1:

Week Ending 12/8:

Week Ending 12/15:

P.9 Congruence Statements

Y.1 Find the slope of a graph

Y.6 Graph a line from an equation

Q.2 Dilations: Graph the image

Y.2 Find the slope from two points

Y.7 Write a linear equation from slope & y-int.

Q.4 Dilations: Scale Factor

Y.4 Find the slope of a linear equation

Y.8 Write a linear equation from a graph

Q.5 Side lengths & Angle measures

Y.5 Graph a line using slope


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