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Supply List

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Preparation is one of the keys to success. To be prepared for mathematics you will need the following tools:

1)  Duotang folder with prongs

2)  Composition notebook

3)  Loose leaf paper

4)  Plenty #2 pencils with erasers (pencils are required daily)

5)  Personal Sharpner with Cover

6)  Scientific calculator (Texas Instruments TI-30Xa) (7th and 8th Graders only)

7) Additional Supplies (color pencils, scissors, pens (for checking))


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Although not required, it would be appreciated if your child could bring any of the following items to contribute to our classroom for this school year.

1) Pack of Copy Paper

2) Box of Tissues

3) Clorox Wipes

4) Graph Paper

5) Hand Sanitizer




Thank You in advance.  

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