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Mr. Isakson's Classroom Website


This is our classroom website.  It has links to important webpages that will be useful for math, science, social studies, technology and language arts.


Reading/Writing/Language Arts

These are links to websites and resources that will be helpful for reading, writing, spelling and grammar.

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 Road to Success                        Image result for book it        Image result for sora app             Image result for lexia    


 Granite School District Digital Library



The code for Prodigy is C261D9

These are links to websites and resources that will be helpful for math.

ST MathPicture    Picture Image result for prodigy math


For games and interactives
   Picture   Picture   Image result for arcademics

Science and Technology

These are links to useful science and technology websites.


Image result for scratch website              Image result for rise utah

               Image result for phet                Image result for sciencebuddiesImage result for study jamsPictureImage result for

Social Studies

These are links to websites and resources that will be helpful for social studies.  laugh

Image result for britannica kids                         Image result for smithsonian                  History for kids




Student and Parent Links


Check out our class performance of Thriller!



Daily Reading Log due on October 28th

Weekly Reader page 35 due on November 1st

Daily Reading Log, word detective, sentence summaries for week of October 28-November 1st due on November 4th 

Weekly Reader page 37 due on November 8th

Daily Reading Log, theme practice, word detective, summary for week of November 4th to 8th due on November 11th 




Determine the Theme (3 pages) due on November 1st

Make Inferences, Exercise 1  due on November 4th

Let's Talk About:  THEME PASSAGE #1 due November 6th

Theme organizer for The Rockers Build a Soccer Field

Veterans Day Poems - compare and contrast due November 11th



Go Math Midchapter Checkpoint due on October 29th

Go Math pages 111-112 (Lesson 2.7) due on October 30th

Go Math pages 123-124 (Lesson 2.9) due on November 4th

Go Math Chapter 2 Review/Test due on November 6th

Go Math Chapter 3.7 pages 181 and 182 due on November 12th



Mummy potato and mummy pictures  due on October 31st

Sacred Feline, 2 poems due on November 8th

Book of the Dead due on November 15th



What Day is the Best Day?  Writing assignment due on November 7th






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Google Classrooom

Mr. Isakson's 2019-2020 Science class code is sy7e0s

Mr. Isakson's 2019-2020 class code is 6njgwnp



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Go to Google Classroom to access online assignments and resources.

Visit our school website or the parent portal by clicking on the images below.

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